Object Lessons

Built Up or Puffed Up

Objects: A toy balloon, a pin, and several building bricks.

Did you know that some Christians are like toy balloons? Paul tells us about them in 1 Corinthians 4:18; "Some are puffed up." He had in mind those who were proud and were not willing to obey the commandments of God. We will blow this balloon up, to show how proud some Christians look.

It is very pretty, but notice what happens when it is punctured with this little pin. "Psssssssssssss!" It does not take much to puncture proud Christians and cause them to lose all their beauty.

Here are some solid bricks, which remind me of other Christians. They are not very beautiful to look at separately, but if we had a sufficient number, we could build a beautiful church building in which many people might worship God.

You can't puncture a brick with a pin. If you try, the pin will bend. There are many Christians who do not let anything spoil their beautiful Christian character. They are built up in the Lord's strength instead of being puffed up with their own pride.

God is looking for bricks and not balloons, with which to build His church.

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