Object Lessons

Bill Drill

Objects: A steel drill one-half inch in diameter, two nails, two six-volt dry-cell batteries, a piece of adhesive tape, about sixty feet of Number 20 cotton-covered armature wire, and a cardboard tube three inches long by three-quarters of an inch in diameter. (Wind the wire around the cardboard tube, closely together, back and forth in layers, from one end to the other, until all the wire is used. Connect the ends of the wire to the batteries. Metal placed on the inside of the coil will become magnetized. Wrap the coil with adhesive tape. Print the word "Christ" on the coil.)

This drill is so much like a person that I have named it Bill Drill. We will make a magnet of Bill today. When Bill Drill is close to this magnet, which reminds us of Christ, he can easily lift these two nails. (Put the drill on the inside of the coil, and connect to the batteries.)

Let's take him out of the coil, and see whether he still has a drawing power.  Yes, he still can lift heavy loads. As I look at Bill Drill, and see how he keeps the power the coil has given him, even though he is not close to it, I am reminded of Peter, the great preacher on the Day of Pentecost. Christ had ascended to heaven, and Peter was faithfully preaching the gospel, causing men and women to be lifted from sin to salvation. This was the same Peter who had recently denied Christ.

Bill Drill keeps magnetized because he has true steel in him. After the Day of Pentecost, Peter had the Holy Spirit in his life, and thus Peter's life was powerful. Christ is looking for boys and girls today, who will be like Peter after the coming of the Holy Spirit, remaining true to Him under all circumstances.

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