Object Lessons

A Surprise Package

Objects: A large cardboard cross, magazine pictures of bread, a quart of milk, meat, clothing, and a house. (Color the cross red, and tie the various pictures to threads attached to the cross. Place the cross and the pictures in a box and wrap as a gift.)

From the looks of the beautiful wrapping, this surprise package should contain something very much worthwhile, and it does, a red cross, which reminds us of the cross on which Christ died for our sins.

"Is that all?" you ask.

Christ is the greatest gift God could possibly give us. (Hold the cross above the edge of the box. The threads should be sufficiently long to allow the pictures to remain out of sight.) In Matthew 6:33, we read, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." The Lord Jesus had been speaking about food, clothing and shelter.

As I raise the cross, you will notice that pictures of bread, milk, meat, clothing, and a house are attached to it. (Vary the lengths of thread, so the pictures will come out consecutively.) Matthew 6:33 teaches us that if we seek Christ and His salvation first, such material things of life as we really need, will be given to us.

In 2 Chronicles 17, we are told about Jehoshaphat a good king who lived in obedience to God, and we find that God kept His promise in supplying the necessary things of life.

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