Object Lessons

A Pattern and a Prayer

Objects: A dress pattern and a piece of dress material.

If your mother intended to make a dress of this material, she would not get far without a pattern, would she? People need patterns for many things in life besides dresses. We especially need a pattern for prayer.

One day as the Lord Jesus Christ finished praying, one of the disciples asked Him to teach them to pray. In Matthew 6:9 He said, "After this manner therefore pray ye." The "Lord's Prayer" is more than a prayer—it is a pattern for prayer.

When making a garment, one must consult the pattern very carefully in order to know what is to be done first. If we are to pray, we must know something about the pattern for prayer.

The Lord Jesus said, first of all, "Our Father," showing us that prayer is on the basis of relationship. God becomes our Father when we accept Christ as Saviour. The one who is our earthly father gives us many things because we are related to him.

In giving this pattern for prayer, Christ told who should be first. He said that we should pray first for three things which had to do with God: that His name should be hallowed, His kingdom should come, and His will should be done. Having followed the first part of this pattern, let us examine the rest. We may now pray for food, forgiveness, and guidance.

After a garment has been made, is the garment or the pattern worn? That seems a foolish question to ask, but we must remember that some people think they have prayed all they need to when they have repeated the Lord's Prayer. We must remember that prayer is on the basis of relationship to God as Father, that God must have first place, and that our needs must come last.

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