Object Lessons

A Mysterious Package

Objects: A capital "R" and a pair of scissors. (Make the "R" by using a piece of white paper 8 ½ by 11 inches. Fold, making the size 5 ½ by 8 ½ inches. Place the 5 ½ inch side nearest you with the fold to the left. Cut from the bottom ½ inch from the fold up 5 ½ inches. From this point cut 1 ¾  inches at a right angle. From here slant down to within ½ inch of the lower right-hand corner, making the right leg of the "R." This leg should be ½ inch wide. From the top of this leg, continue the curve of the "R" to within ½ inch of the right side of the paper. The curve of the "R" should be 1 inch wide, making the opening 1 ¼ inches deep. Color both the front and back black. Open the "R" and color the center upright red from top to bottom. Color the center crossbar red out as far as the inside of the slanting legs. This makes a red cross in the center. The remaining uncolored portion of the curve should be colored black.)

Who can guess what this big black "R" stands for? I think I had better tell you that it may stand for two words; either "REPENTANCE" or "RUIN."

When Jesus was here on earth, He said, "Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish" (Luke 13:5). If people do not repent, they will perish.

Some people think all that is necessary to be saved is to get rid of part of their sins. We will cut some of the "R" away. (Cut half of the slanting leg off.) This is not sufficient. We will cut still more off. (Cut the rest of the leg off where it meets the crossbar of the "R." Then cut through the circle just inside where the top of the circle meets the upright, and again where the slanting leg began. Open and find the cross.)

Now we have a red cross, reminding us of the blood of Christ. We will see what we can do with the pieces we have cut off. (The pieces from the circle, reversed and put together, make an "S," and the four pieces from the right leg make the letters "I" and "N." Pin them on the wall, and spell "Sin.")

The word "REPENTANCE" means to turn from sin, and turn to Christ for salvation.

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