Object Lessons

A Man, a Maid, and a Miracle

Objects: A flat-sided clean bottle, such as is used for shaving lotion, a cross about 18 inches high, cut from veneer, or plywood, a small piece of brass tube, a bottle of iodine, a medicine dropper, a solution of Sodium Hypo-Sulphite, and a small rubber ear syringe. (Bore a hole in the cross, a little above the center, and place the tube through the hole. Bend both ends of the tube down. Fill the ear syringe with the solution of Sodium Hypo-Sulphite, which can be secured at any drug store, and slip the opening over the tube at the back of the cross.  Paint the cross and the tube red. Cut the outline of a heart from paper, and glue it on the side of the bottle. Put enough water in the bottle to come above the heart.)

It does not take much of this poison (iodine dropped from the medicine dropper) to color the water in the bottle, and make it poison. Notice how the heart is made unclean. Even one sin makes the heart unclean in God's sight. There is only one way to be cleansed from sin; and that is God's way, by coming to the cross and letting Christ's blood wash away all sin.

We will place" this bottle on the cross to see what happens. (The neck o£ the bottle can be slipped over the tube which is hanging down. If a nail has been driven below where the bottom of the bottle will come, the bottle will rest on it. When the tube has been inserted in the bottle, hold the hand over the front of the bottle, and press on the ear syringe in back. This will force the solution into the bottle, and will clarify the discolored water.) As Naaman the leper was cleansed by obeying God's message; so those who come to Christ are freely cleansed from all sin by His blood.

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