Object Lessons

A Lost Star

Objects: A silver star, a picture of a church, a cloud-shaped piece of cardboard covered with dollar marks, an imitation graduation cap, and a picture of couples dancing.

Here is a silver star to remind us of the star of Bethlehem, which guided the wise men to the manger. They proved that they were wise by following the star. They would have been foolish indeed if they had done otherwise.

When the wise men came near Jerusalem, they lost sight of the star. Some lose sight of God's leading before they ever find Christ as Saviour, just as the wise men lost sight of the star before they reached the manger.

Jerusalem was a religious city, and it could have been that the temple caused them to lose sight of the star. Did you know that some churches keep people from finding Christ as Saviour, because they do not teach about Christ's shedding His blood for us? We will put this picture of a church over the star and hide it, reminding us of the way in which some churches keep people from really finding Christ.

As clouds often hide stars, so this cloud with dollar marks hides the silver star. Jerusalem was a place of business. Often the getting of wealth has caused some to lose sight of that which might have led them to Christ.

This college cap hides the star. Some lose the star of God's guidance in college. They confuse the professor's theory with scientific fact, and make the mistake of thinking that the Bible is untrustworthy.

This picture of dancers hides the star. There are many people who, because of pleasure, do not follow the leading God gives them, which would lead them to Christ.

The wise men further showed their wisdom when they asked until all Jerusalem, including the king, knew that they had lost the star. Those who knew the prophecy, told them that Christ was to be born in Bethlehem. They were very happy when they again saw the star on the Bethlehem road. They followed it and found the Christ Child, who was to die on the cross for the sins of the world.

If you do not now know Christ, do not let anything hide that which might guide you to Him.

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