Object Lessons

Why Some Folks Are Blest

Objects: Two Balloons, one filled with air and the other with natural gas

These two balloons will give us our message today, boys and girls. (Display.) They look exactly alike;—don't they; but let's see if they act alike.

I will toss this first one up into the air (Demonstrate). It soars for a moment, then falls to the floor, and there it will stay unless I toss it up in the air again. No matter how many times it is tossed up, it never stays very long.

Let us toss the second one up! Away it goes, up and up toward the ceiling, soaring, soaring. It doesn't seem to ever want to come down, does it?

Why do these two balloons, which are the same size and same color, act so differently? Since they are so alike on the OUTSIDE the difference must be on the INSIDE. The first one is FILLED with AIR and so won't stay up long, but falls to the floor; while the second one is filled with NATURAL GAS which causes it to soar and soar.

Now, these balloons are very much like two men who come to our churches every Sunday. Both are well dressed and physically fit in every way. They choose good seats in church so that they can hear every word the preacher says. They hear the same sermon and yet as they leave the church and go to their homes, like the balloons, they act quite differently. One goes away with a heart full of praise. His soul has been fed. The sermon was just what he needed. God seems to have spoken especially to him through the pastor. He seems truly to be living in heavenly places. Like the second balloon he soars into the heights.

But the second man—what a contrast! He goes forth from the church unmoved by the sermon, complaining that he didn't get a thing out of it.

Why are these two men, who seemingly are so much alike, affected so differently? The balloons behaved differently because they were FILLED with DIFFERENT things, didn't they? And this, boys and girls, is the reason why these two men responded in the very opposite ways to the same thing.

The first man arose on Sunday morning, rejoicing in the Lord and all of His goodness and mercy. He looked into the face of the Lord in the quiet of his own room before he met the members of his own family. After breakfast he led his family in devotions. The Word was read, prayer was offered, and a hymn sung. With preparation like this, the first man and his family came to church and Sunday school. I trust, boys and girls, that it is your privilege to come to Sunday school from a home like this.

No wonder this first man was blest—his soul fed on the Word. His "thoughts and imagination had been brought into captivity to the Lord," (2 Cor. 10:5), his ear tuned to hear Him speak and his heart prepared to receive the Bread of Life.

The second man arose with no praise in his heart, nor prayer on his lips. His mind was filled with the many things he had to do be­fore church time. Instead of the family altar he spent his time with the Sunday newspaper and with his mind filled with the stock ex­change reports, accounts of murder, and divorces, he came to the House of God. No wonder he went away from God's house unblest.

There are boys and girls, too, who go to Sunday school with their minds full of the funny papers, stories, and play. They have no mind to grasp the Sunday school lesson or recite the golden text. No wonder these boys and girls receive no blessing from the Sunday services nor find joy in going to the House of God.

Yes, it does make a difference, boys and girls, with what you fill your mind and hearts on the Lord's day. Remember the two balloons! Let us 'please Him in setting aside the first day of the week wholly for Him and preparing ourselves in every way to receive His blessing!

"Search me, O God, and know my heart;
Try me and know my thoughts:
And see if there be any wicked way in me,
And lead me in the way everlasting." Ps, 139:23-24.

"My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Lord;
In the morning will I direct say prayer unto Thee
And will look up." Ps. 5:3.

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