Object Lessons

Three Qualities

Objects: Three Dogs (alive or toy dogs). A Bull Dog, a Shepherd and a Lap Dog (Mexican Hairless).

When the Lord Jesus was here upon earth, He often mentioned dogs, but the kindest thing He ever said about them was in the story of the "Rich man and Lazarus" (Luke 16:19-31). "Moreover, the dogs came and licked his sores." Here the dogs ONLY
showed sympathy.

Today, boys and girls, I want to talk to you about DOGS. How many of you have a dog at home? Most of you have—and your dog is like a pal to you; isn't he?

When I was a lad, away in Australia, there were three kinds of dogs that I liked especially, and today, boys and girls, I have these three kinds of dogs here with me. Let us see what lessons we can learn from them. Of course you already know that a dog can teach a boy or girl a good many lessons, don't you?

First, I have with me a BULL DOG. (Show a bull dog, either a live or toy one.) A bull dog has always appealed to me. He has TENACITY to do what he wants to do. Have you ever watched a dog of this kind walk down the street? He goes straight ahead and attends to his own business. No small dog of any kind can cause him to turn aside. Not even a lion, can make a bull dog swerve from his purpose.

In this day, boys and girls ;lie needed with steadfastness of purpose to live for the Lord Jesus. God wants us to have TENACITY to do what He wants us to do. In 1 Cor. 16:13 we read, "Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit ye like men, be strong."
There will always be some who will try to tease you and make fun of you because you refuse to smoke and swear and steal. They will make fun of you because you are faithful in attending Sunday school, and in reading your Bible. When these things happen to you, boys and girls, remember the bull dog and his tenacity of purpose, and his refusal to turn aside for anything or anyone!

The second dog I have always liked was a SHEPHERD dog. (Show a Shepherd dog.) This dog speaks of FIDELITY or faithfulness. Over in Australia nearly every boy has a dog like this. Australia is a great sheep country, you know, and the sheep men or "squatters" depend on these dogs to help with the sheep. At five o'clock every afternoon a sheep dog like this one rounds up the sheep and the cattle. He can always be trusted and depended upon.

Over in Sydney, one winter's day, while walking along the street, I saw one of these shepherd dogs guarding his master, who was a poor beggar. It was afterwards found that the beggar was dead, but the dog continued to faithfully guard him. So true was he to his trust, that the policeman had a hard time removing the body of the dead man from the street. For years, this dog had put into execution the will of his master.

The Lord Jesus wants you to be FAITHFUL, boys and girls, faithful in pleasing Him and doing His will. It is a fine thing to always be DEPENDED UPON to do the right thing. Let us be found faithful to Him at all times, and to His precious Word! Psa. 28:20, says "A faithful man shall abound with blessing."

Now the last dog I have with me this morning, is this little LAP DOG. (Show a Mexican hairless dog.) He is such an inoffensive little fellow, "harmless as a dove," and very gentle. These are qualities we need in our lives also, boys and girls—Gentleness and inoffensiveness. "The servant of the Lord must not strive, but be gentle unto all men."—2 Tim. 2:24. Some folks think it is not manly to be “gentle," but the Lord Jesus Himself was gentle and kind (2 Car. 10:1) "full of grace."

(Stand the bull dog and the lap dog side by side.) What a contrast! Some folks want to "chew" everyone up, just the way this bulldog looks, while others, like the lap dog, have no conviction on any matter and are never willing to stand up for what they know is right.

God wants us to have in our lives the three qualities we have seen in these dogs. May God enable us to have TENACITY of purpose, which will cause us to stand for the faith of our Fathers; FIDELITY to Him and His Word, and the GENTLENESS of the Lord Jesus Himself.

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