Object Lessons

The Singing Heart

Objects: Two large hearts; one black and one white.

Heartshaped candy boxes may be used. Fill the black box with filthy rags, and other articles mentioned. Put a red cardboard heart in the white box, also a music box, taken from a vanity case. Cut a door in both boxes and leave closed.

These two hearts, boys and girls, picture two classes of people in the world today, folks with black sinful hearts and folks with clean white hearts. Now I'm sure that not one of you boys and girls really want a black heart; do you? How, then, may folks with black hearts have them changed to white hearts?

Let us look closely at these two large hearts. There is a door to each, but the latch that opens the door is not seen, that is, it is on the inside of the door. Like the heart's doors of boys and girls, they must be opened from the inside.

The Lord Jesus stands at the heart's door of every boy and girl, knocking—and His hand is nail scarred. He has been to the Cross of Calvary. His Word says, "Behold I stand at the door and knock, if any man open I will come in."—Rev. 3:20.

When someone knocks at the door of your home, you say, "Come in," don't you? And the one who knocks comes in. There are some folks, however, who do not want visitors because their houses are all topsy-turvy, so they don't say, "Come in," when any one knocks. Have you ever known folks like these?

This black heart represents the boys and girls who have never let the Lord Jesus come into their hearts to be their Saviour, though He has been knocking, knocking. They have refused to open their heart's door.

Let us look inside this black heart and see what is in it, then we will know why it's so black and why the Lord Jesus has been kept out.

Why here is a filthy rag (open door, take out articles as mentioned). What does this mean? Ah, this pictures self-righteousness and good deeds. You know some folks are trying to make their hearts white by good works—but God says in Isaiah 64:6—"All our righteousness are as filthy rags." Fancy a man or woman, boy or girl, priding themselves on their good works which in God's sight look just like this dirty rag!

And, what is this box I find in the black heart,—oh,—"a package of cigarettes," you say. Yes, some folks are holding on to some bad habits which they are not willing to give up for the Lord Jesus.

Here's another box—a box of playing cards. This tells us of the worldly amusements which some folks love so much that they have no time for the Lord or the church and Sunday school. As for these cards, boys and girls, did you know that they were originally made to entertain an insane king in Europe?

What do you suppose I will find next in this heart—Why, here are some green pieces of paper—dollar bills. These tell us of "the love of money" which so dominates the lives of some people that they lose sight of the Lord and His work.

And now, last of all, see this ugly serpent which I found hidden away in the black heart. Who does this make you think of, boys and girls? "Satan"—of course—and he it is who is responsible for all these things found in this heart. No wonder the heart is black and the door shut, keeping the Lord Jesus out. I wouldn't want a heart like this, would you?

Let us look now at the beautiful white one. Why, this heart is full of melody. Hear the sweet music. (Music box inside.). Let us see why this heart is full of joy. (Open door of heart.) The door has been opened to the knock of the Lord Jesus. This white heart tells us of the boy or girl who has said to the Lord Jesus, "Come in and be my Saviour,"—and He has come in, for in Rev. 3:20 we read, "If any man opens I will come in." As we look past the door we see a red heart (red heart inside). This tells us of the precious blood of Jesus which was shed on Calvary's Cross. This heart has been washed in the Blood of Jesus and so has been made white as snow,—all the blackness of sin has been washed away. This is the only way to make black hearts white. "The Blood of Jesus Christ, His son, cleanseth us from all sin."—1 John 1:7. "Without the shedding of blood there is no remission for sins."—Heb. 9:22.

Are your hearts black or white in His sight, boys and girls? If black with sin, won't you open your heart's door today, and let Him come in. Not only will He wash away all the blackness of sin and make you white as snow, but He will put a "new song in your heart, even praise unto our God."—Ps. 40:3. Yours will be a Singing Heart, making music like this white one.

"What can wash away my sin?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
What can make me whole again?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus."

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