Object Lessons

The Homing Pigeon

Objects: A live Homing Pigeon, or a Toy Pigeon. A picture of one may be used. A box of Bible Messages.

Our object lesson for today, boys and girls, is most interesting. I have in this box, a little bird which I'm sure you will agree is in many respects a really truly missionary. What wonderful lessons this little missionary has for us! First of all, you would like to see him, wouldn't you? (Display bird.) What a pretty little creature he is! This is a homing pigeon, boys and girls.

This little bird has his face set towards his home. If I should turn him loose, he would go straight home. Heaven is the home that God has planned for every boy and girl who really wants to go there. Do you know the WAY to the heavenly home, boys and girls? The Lord Jesus said, "I am the WAY." He is the way home. If, like this homing pigeon, you would know the way home, you must know and love the Lord Jesus as Saviour.

This little bird not only knows the way home, but nothing can change his course. He flies STRAIGHT for home. Home is the big motive of his life. Is heaven the goal of your life, boys and girls? Are you looking forward to living forever with Him—of seeing His face and being like Him? In Phil. 3:20 we read, "For our citizenship is in heaven." Heaven is really our home. Realizing this, we are apt to travel straight ahead toward home, and not to be tempted to change our course to any of Satan's bypaths.

This bird not only goes straight home, but carries a message. Notice the rings on his legs! This is the way he carries the message. He carries any message that is given him—carries it just as it is given him without changing it, and is not content until the message is delivered.

You have received a wonderful message, boys and girls. It is contained in this greatest of all books, the Bible. It is the good news of the Gospel (1 Cor. 15:1-3). This little bird carries any message he receives, straight home. Are you carrying the story of Jesus and His love to your father and mother and brothers and sisters? In Mark 5:19 the Lord Jesus said to one who desired to stay with Him, "GO HOME to thy friends and tell them how great things the Lord bath done for thee."

What word shall we give to this little pigeon today, to carry away to his home? I think I'll let one of the girls decide. (Call child to platform.) This little girl will choose a Bible verse. Let us see what she has chosen. (Read verse.) "Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out"—John 6:37. What a blessed message for anyone to carry home!

We will fasten this to the ring on the bird's leg. (Demonstrate.) Then this little girl will take him to the window and send him on his way. (Demonstrate.)

Now that he is on his way we need not be worried or concerned about him. He is a dependable missionary. He has a message to deliver and is on his way home.

I'm sure, boys and girls, you can now understand why I called the homing pigeon a little missionary. Let us go to our homes this morning, and like the little pigeon, carry a message of our Saviour's love!

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