Object Lessons

The Easter Egg

Objects: A large White Easter Egg, made of cardboard, half of it perforated, and removable. Conceal in the egg several live chicks.

This is Easter Day, boys and girls, and One of the happiest days of the whole year. Today we are remembering that glad "first day of the week" so long ago when the Lord Jesus arose from the dead and came forth from the dark cold tomb. You remember the story, don't you—of how the Lord Jesus died on the cross of Calvary and was buried in a garden in Joseph's tomb—but on the third day the stone was rolled away and Jesus arose from the dead, while angels announced the glad news with "He is risen." (Briefly tell the Resurrection story as recorded in the Gospels—Matt. 28; Mk. 16; Luke 24; John 20.)

Some of you have received prettily colored eggs today, haven't you? But, can Easter eggs bring any message of hope and life after death? Why, an egg is just like a dark tomb or grave, isn't it? And yet out of an egg comes life. Every little chicken was once in an egg tomb. Have you ever watched a baby chick as it burst the shell of the egg and came out into a new world? It is a wonderful sight, and all according to God's plan.

I have here this morning a large white Easter egg. (Display large egg.) It is closed on all sides, as you can see. Can it be possible that there is life in this egg tomb? Let us see! (Remove lid, showing baby chicks.) Why, this dark tomb is full of life! What beautiful little chicks! Here we see LIFE and an EMPTY, open tomb. There is life beyond the grave. Death does not end all!

So, boys and girls, we look forward to a glad resurrection day when the graves of all those who sleep in Jesus are to be opened and the "dead in Christ" are to be raised up. "Then we which are alive And remain shall be caught up together WITH THEM in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air."-1 Thess. 4:13-18. Empty tombs!—reunion with loved ones—meeting our dear Saviour! What a glorious prospect. Easter day gives us the promise of this glad day of reunion.

The tomb in Joseph's garden was opened on that first Easter day and the Lord. Jesus arose. Because He arose from the dead, all who belong to Him shall also be raised up. "Because I live, ye shall live also."—John 14:19.

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