Object Lessons

The Doll Preachers

Objects: Two Dolls: One with a steel base, which returns to an up­right position when pushed or knocked over. The other doll—an ordinary unbreakable one which remains "down," when pushed over.

In nearly all of your homes, boys and girls, there's a baby sister or brother, is there not? Do you remember the day when your little brother stood alone for the first time? What a notable day that was in your home! The first thing your mother said to your father when he returned from work that night was, "The baby stood alone today." The baby was able to stand alone because of STRENGTH.

And so it is with you, boys and girls, and all believers on the Lord Jesus, it takes strength to make you "stand up" for the Lord under all circumstances. -You cannot do this alone, but the Lord supplies the needed strength. ". . . The Lord is the strength of my life."— Ps. 27:1.

Today we will let these dolls teach us our lesson. Let us first look at this beautifully dressed doll. (Present ordinary unbreakable doll, without steel base.) This is a nice looking doll; isn't it? But how will it act if pushed over? (Demonstrate.) Why, it remains "down." It has no power or strength to sit upright again. Some boys and girls act just like this doll. When they get pushed over by an unkind word or get their feelings hurt in some way, they don't seem able ,to "stand up" again, but remain "down." Have you ever seen boys and girls who acted like this? Let us look at this other doll. (Present one that has steel base.) Notice the smiles all over its face? This is the way the faces of boys and girls should always be—full of smiles. "They looked unto Him and their faces were lightened—" or made radiant.—Ps. 34:5. Now, all dolls won't stand up, as we noticed in examining the first doll, but this one will. Not only will it stand up alone, but see what happens when it is knocked over! Up it comes and makes music as it does so. (Demonstrate—music box inside.) The more you knock it over, the more it stands up and the more music it makes. Each bang or knock starts the music playing on the inside.

God is able to make you "stand," boys and girls, under every circumstance. This doll stands up right because of something inside —a piece of steel, perhaps. The first doll could not stand up alone, and remained down when pushed over because it lacked the piece of steel. So it is with a Christian. The Lord Jesus dwells in the heart of every believer, and He is able to make you strong to stand up for Him no matter what the test. (Ps. 27:1; 1 Cor. 3:16.) His presence enables you to sing and "make melody in your heart to the Lord," (Eph. 5:19) like the doll who "comes up" after a hard knock, smiling and making music.


I've built a little manger
Within my heart tonight
To welcome in the Stranger,
The Lord of Love and Light.
I've built a manger lowly
Where he may come and rest,
And here the infant holy
Shall be my welcome Guest.

For many a door has turned him
Into the evening gloom,
And many a voice has spurned him,
Saying, "No room. No room."
I've made a little manger
Because I have no more.
Come in, thou blessed Stranger,
Possess it evermore.—Clarence E. Flynn, in "Kind Words."

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