Object Lessons

The Blood Covers

Objects: A British or American Flag. White Sheet, to illustrate God's righteousness—(wrap about a boy or girl).

Story is told, boys and girls, that many years ago a British subject in Mexico was falsely accused of a crime, and sentenced to death.

The morning of the day for the execution arrived; the innocent man was led out to meet his death. But, just as the fatal shot was about to be fired, up rushed the British ambassador carrying the British flag. Quickly to the side of the condemned man he went, and wrapped about him the flag, crying to the executioners as he did so, "Fire if you dare!"

At that very time, the American ambassador appeared on the scene carrying the flag of the United States. Like the British ambassador, he rushed to the side of the condemned man and covered him with the Stars and Stripes. Then he, too, cried, "Fire if you dare!"

Needless to say, the life of the condemned man was spared. The soldiers dared not fire on such a covering.

Boys and girls, the sinner stands before God today CON­DEMNED . . . "He that believeth NOT is condemned already."— John 3:18. He is guilty, for "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God."—Romans 3:23. The penalty is death, "the wages of sin is death." (Romans 6:23.) What a sad picture! Is there no one to provide a covering that he might escape God's wrath and judgment? Yes, I'm glad to tell you, boys and girls, there is One, even the Lord Jesus Himself, who has provided a covering, by shedding His own blood on the cross of Calvary. "But God commended His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."—Romans 5:8. This is the blessed story of the Gospel. When the sinner turns to the Lord Jesus and receives Him as Saviour, then it is that the covering is provided. Only the blood-red banner of the cross will avail. What a costly covering! In Isa. 61:10 we read that God covers the saved sinner in a "garment of salvation and a robe of righteousness."

Not only are his sins forgiven, but God declares him as righteous as His Son, and looks on him as though he had never sinned. This is justification (Rom. 3:24). Oh, what marvelous grace! (Illustrate by wrapping white sheet about boy or girl.)

Boys and girls, are you standing with the condemned today, the ones who have never received the Lord Jesus as Saviour, or are you among those who are covered with the robe of righteousness?

The British and American flags spared the life of the condemned man in Mexico—but the cross of Calvary provided a covering that gives LIFE EVERLASTING to the one who will RECEIVE and BELIEVE.

"In my place condemned He stood,
Sealed my pardon with His blood,
Hallelujah, what a Saviour!"

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