Object Lessons

Secret of Success

Objects: A Brick and a Paper Bag

If I should ask you today, boys and girls, what you would like to be when you are grown men and women, I am sure that most of you could tell me.

Here on the table is a brick and a paper bag (designate) which I think will give us the secret of being successful in our life work, whatever that may be. As you know, a brick is a heavy object and this one, like all others of its kind, is heavy and hard to move. Now, I want to move this brick, but how shall I do it without using my hands? Suppose I blow on it with my breath (demonstrate). Why, it doesn't move a bit, does it? My breath is too scattered, but if I direct my breath on the brick by means of this paper bag, what will happen? (Demonstrate. Place brick on part of paper bag. Blow in bag!) The brick is not only moved, but is pushed off the table.

This demonstration shows us that if large objects are to be moved there must be a real concentration of effort. So it is in carrying out God's plan for one's life, boys and girls, there must be a real concentrating of effort along that one line.

Vocational training has come to the front in the past years. If one feels called to be a doctor, he chooses one special branch of medical science and specializes in this subject. Study the lives of great men and you will notice that they devoted their powers along one channel. For instance: Thomas Edison directed all of his efforts into the study of electricity. He spent his life in this. (Suggest others.)

Some of you are fitted for one thing and some for another. God has a plan for each life. (Rom. 12:1-2; 1 Cor. 12:12-31.) Seek His guidance in choosing your life work and when He has made His will plain to you, begin preparing yourself in the best possible way to accomplish His plan. The same is true in one's spiritual life. The secret of success is the same,—a concentration of one's efforts and desires to please Him.

Over 1900 years ago, there lived on this earth the greatest man who ever lived apart from the Lord Jesus. This man was Paul. He has left us a formula for success in one of his letters, Philippians 3:13 —"This ONE thing I do." Paul had a great objective. He wanted his life to count for the Lord Jesus; everything else in his life took second place. He counted "all things" that were gain to him as "loss" for Christ's sake. (Phil. 3:4-8.)

Do you have a great desire, boys and girls, that your lives should glorify your Saviour, the Lord Jesus? If so, remember that the brick was moved not through scattered effort, but through concentrated efforts. The Lord Jesus must have first place in your life. Let your life motto be, "Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it."—John 2:5. ". . . that in all things He might have the pre-eminence."—Col. 1:18. To please the Lord in one's spiritual life there must be a willing­ness to take time to study God's Word and to talk to Him in prayer. This is the way to get acquainted with Him. Setting a part a time for this in the early morning before school, play or work, is a splendid practice. Some call this the "Quiet Hour"—and even boys and girls can keep a "Quiet Hour" with the Lord. (Explain how, etc.)

Then there must be a daily practice of the teachings of the Word. "Be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only."—James 1:22. It will take time and real determination. Play will have to take a second place. It may mean sacrifice, but to receive His "Well Done" at last will be recompense beyond measure.

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