Object Lessons

Satan's Counterfeit

Objects: A Jar of what looks like Raspberry Jam. A Snake concealed in the jar, jumps out when the lid is removed. (Can be bought at a toy shop)

What do you think is in this jar, boys and girls? "Raspberry jam," you say. And doesn't it look good! It makes me hungry to look at it,—doesn't it you?

One time we were having Thanksgiving dinner with some friends, and during the meal a jar just like this one was passed around. We all thought it contained real raspberry jam. Someone unscrewed the lid and the very same thing happened that will happen now as I remove the lid. (Demonstrate.)

Oh!—Why, this jar doesn't contain raspberry jam at all, but an ugly snake! What a disappointment!

Looking at this jar from the outside, no one would ever have guessed but what it contained delicious raspberry jam.

Sin is very much like this jar, boys and girls. It is often done up in fancy packages. The devil has a way of deceiving folks.

Certain pleasures appear so enticing and innocent, but when in­dulged in, like the jar of raspberry jam, prove to be only a deception. This serpent or snake, pictures Satan, and he is concealed in some way in the "pleasures of sin." (Suggest sins which at first appear innocent and harmless, but which sooner or later overpower one.)

The hunter who goes to Africa to hunt for large game tells how the animals are trapped. Pits are dug, then covered over with brush. The animal walking along never dreams of a pit until the brush collapses and he falls, caught in a trap from which he never escapes. This is the way Satan works, trying to trap boys and girls in sin.

The man who has fallen in such a trap of sin will tell you that perhaps ten years ago or more, he began his life of shame by indulging in something which proved to be raspberry jam ONLY on the outside.

Beware of the devices of Satan. He is so subtle. God's Word speaks of the "wiles of the devil" (Eph. 6:11).

How can one escape these pitfalls, you ask.

"Remember NOW thy Creator in the days of thy youth."

Put your life in the hands of the Lord now, today, boys and girls. He will protect you from the enemy that is going about as a "roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour" (1 Peter 5:8 ).

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