Object Lessons


Objects: A Table spread with Cloth and Dishes, containing counterfeit Doughnuts, Cookies, Wieners, Meat, etc. These can be bought at a toy shop. Keep table, dishes of food, etc., covered over until time for the object lesson.

Boys and girls, you will remember that many of our object lessons have been warnings about certain habits and sins that creep into your lives, but today I want to talk to you about something that the Devil puts before boys and girls, men and women, that is the most subtle of all. This object lesson has to do with the messages that are being given forth today from the pulpits of certain churches. A counterfeit Christ is being presented and not the true Christ of the Bible, the Son of God.

Let us see what is under this cloth. (Remove cover, showing table, etc.). Why, here we have a table set with the most tempting foods—a plate of meat, and a dish of all sorts of good things. If any of you are hungry I'm sure you would want to come to this table and partake of all these good things. But let us examine this food. It looks all right, doesn't it—but you can't always tell by just looking, can you? What is this? "A weiner," you say? Yes, it looks exactly like a weiner, but do you know, it is really only a piece of rubber. (Pull apart.) What a disappointment this would be to a hungry boy!

Then here is what looks like a doughnut. It even has sugar on the outside, but I'll see what it is made of—cotton! Who would want to eat cotton? Then here is a cooky with caraway seeds on top. It looks just like those that Mother used to make, doesn't it? But it, too, is made of cotton.

So we see, boys and girls, that though this table is loaded with beautiful food, and food that looks exactly like the real thing, yet it is all counterfeit. Counterfeit food will never satisfy hunger.

There are two kinds of hunger, boys and girls—physical hunger and spiritual hunger. When one is physically hungry, he is satisfied by eating bread and other foods. When one is spiritually hungry, only the Lord Jesus, the true Bread of Life, will satisfy.

Jesus said while here on earth, "I am the Bread of Life" (John 6:33). "Whoso eateth My flesh and drinketh My blood bath eternal life" ( John 6:54). When He said this He was referring to Himself as the true Christ of God, the One who died on the cross for our sins, and rose again for our justification. When a person receives the Lord Jesus as his own Saviour BY FAITH, he partakes of His body, and drinks His blood, and receives the gift of eternal life. The Lord Jesus is bread indeed for the spiritually hungry. Bread is a food that you have on the table at home for practically every meal, don't you? It gives strength and nourishment to your bodies, so that you are able to live. And all that bread means to you physically, the Lord Jesus, the True Bread of life, wants to mean to you spiritually.

I'm sure that you boys and girls have heard very much about Modernism and Fundamentalism, but I'm not sure that you have understood the meaning of these words. They represent two Christs. The Modernist represents a Christ that is very much like what you have seen on this table. The plate of meats and bread and other good things looked like real food, but upon examining them, we found them only fakes or imitations.

So the Modernist presents a Christ that to many appears as the true Christ, but who is not the Christ of the Bible. They present a Christ who lived upon this earth, and even died, but who did NOT rise again. They picture Him only as Man, and not as God manifested in the flesh.

One time, when in New York, I heard an address given by a Modernist preacher. He used eloquent language. His diction was perfect. He pictured the loveliness of Jesus while He was upon the earth. He told of His love for little children, of His sorrow and sufferings and death. The people in the congregation were touched —everyone wept—but the Jesus he pictured was only a man, and his death only that of an ordinary man.

You see, boys and girls, some might listen to a sermon like this and think it was all right, but like the food on this table, it is only counterfeit, because it does not represent Christ as God's Word sets Him forth. The sermon may be beautiful and clothed in words of eloquence, but unless the Lord Jesus is presented as the Son of God—very god, indeed, Who died on the cross for man's sin, and rose again for his justification, (Rom. 4:25)—it is only the Devil's lie and will never satisfy spiritual hunger, nor bring salvation to the lost.

In Isaiah 55:2 we read, "Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which satisfieth not?".. So, boys and girls, remember this warning and test out all the sermons that you hear, by what is said about the Lord Jesus, whether or not He is set forth as the Christ of the Bible. Be satisfied only with the true Bread of Life. Refuse all counterfeits.

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