Object Lessons

Marks of a Babe in Christ

Objects: A life-like Baby Doll, and articles seen in a nursery such as Cradle, Blankets, Bottle of Milk, etc. (Other doll's articles may be used.)

How many of you have a baby brother or sister in your home? Most of you have, so these articles all look familiar to you; do they not? (Display articles generally found in a nursery.)

This bottle of milk is the baby's food, isn't it? You wouldn't think of giving your baby sister or brother meat soon after they are born, would you? No, babies must have milk first. (Discuss other articles used in connection with baby life.)

You have noticed, too, how helpless babies are at first, just like this baby doll. (Display.) They can't do one thing for themselves. Someone must tenderly care for them all the time. If a baby has the right care and is healthy, how quickly he grows! However, if the baby in your home fails to grow or develop, how sad your parents would be. Each day a healthy baby gets a bit stronger and soon leaves behind the nursery and all that pertains to it.

Now, God's Word speaks of "babes in Christ." (1 Cor. 3:1.) When a person accepts Christ as his Saviour, he becomes a member of God's family and at first is only a babe in Christ. Just as your mother delights to see the baby in your home grow and develop, so God, the Heavenly Father wants His children to grow in the Christian life. Sad to say, there are some Christians who continue as "babes" most of their lives.

Just as these articles from the nursery have reminded you of a baby, so, God has told us in His Word of certain things that go along with "babes in Christ." You will find these things mentioned in 1 Cor. 3:1-4. Notice that babes in Christ are called "Carnal" Christians. Carnal Christians or babes in Christ never seem to grow—they continue feeding on the "milk" of the word when they should be partaking of "meat." As long as the baby in, your home had no teeth he drank milk, didn't he, but when he developed teeth, he was given meat. The same is true in the Christian life—some folks never seem to develop spiritual teeth so that they can understand the deep truths of the word. They continue as babes, helpless, unable to do anything for themselves. What a sad state!

God's word further tells us what some of the things found in a spiritual nursery are. In verse three of 1 Cor. 3, we find these things mentioned, "envying, strife, and divisions," and "walking as men walk" who know not God. (Discuss each in regard to boys and girls.)

Let us examine ourselves, boys and girls. Are you growing in your Christian life or are you still living in the nursery? Proper food and care helps the baby to grow, so certain things help Christians to grow in grace and the knowledge of Him.

Mothers spend much time finding out what things will cause a baby to grow strong, so we find there are certain things that make boys and girls, men and women, grow in the Christian life. Definite time for prayer (talking to God, the Heavenly Father), and Bible study (when pod talks to you out 'of the Word), linked with daily living for Him, serving Him in the home, at school or wherever you are, faithful attendance at Sunday school and church (suggest others), are all certain to cause one to grow into a strong, healthy Christian.

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