Object Lessons

Living Water

Objects: A Jar of Water, a Japanese Flower, dried and sealed in paper. (Can be bought at an Oriental shop for very little.)

This jar is full of water, boys and girls—clear, pure water. Have A you ever thought of how important water is? You know what it is to find a cool drink of water, when thirsty; don't you? Water means life and refreshment. It means fruitfulness and beauty. It cleanses, produces power, and changes barren desert places into garden spots. Most of you have studied geography and know that certain parts of the world are desert places, such as the great Sahara Desert, parts of Arabia, etc. These places are barren because of the lack of water.

I have a friend who has a ranch out in the desert. One day he took me out to see it. We drove for miles over barren land, seeing no growing thing, save sage brush. Finally we came to my friend's ranch. What a transformation! There in the midst of the desert was this beautiful ranch! There were acres of green alfalfa and other growing things. Why was this part of the desert so beautiful and fruitful while the other part of it was barren and a waste? The difference was found in that one word, WATER. My friend's ranch had been watered.

There are people today, boys and girls, whose lives are like the desert land, barren and waste. There is no fruitfulness and fragrance about them. They have never known the Lord Jesus as their Saviour. The world abounds in moral deserts, too, countries where the people are still in heathen darkness, such as China, Japan and India, etc., and know not the Saviour. Just as natural water can change a desert place into a garden spot, so the Lord can change moral deserts into places of beauty and fragrance.

The Lord Jesus is the Living Water. (John 7:37-39.) ALL that water does in the natural, He is able to do in the spiritual. He cleanses, refreshes, and makes lives fruitful and beautiful. 'Mien one receives Jesus as Saviour, they partake of the Living Water. "If any man thirst," the Lord Jesus said, "let him come unto me and drink." (John 7:37.)

Here I have a Japanese flower. (Display.) See how dried up it looks. There doesn't seem to be any life in it, but I want you to notice what happens when I put it in this jar of pure water. (Demonstrate.) Ah, see it open up, the petals unfold, color appears, green leaves unfold! Notice the bubbles on the water,—the plant is drinking in life. What a difference water made to this dried up plant. Isn't it beautiful? See how it fills the jar! (Demonstrate.)

A person who does not know the Lord Jesus as Saviour, is not only like a desert, barren waste, but also like this dried up Japanese flower. No beauty, no fragrance, and yet what possibilities were hidden in the dried up plant. So in a life that has never believed on the Lord Jesus, there are many hidden possibilities, needing only the Living Water to bring them out.

. . . and thou shalt be like a watered garden."—Isa. 58:1Ib. This is the Lord's desire for you, boys and girls, instead of the barren, thirsty desert.

I am so glad that many years ago I drank of the Living Water, Christ Jesus, and found in Him all that I needed; have you, boys and girls? If not, come today to the fountain of Living Water. ". . . And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely."—Rev. 22:17.

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