Object Lessons

How God Speaks

Objects: Frogs—toy or live ones. Toy Bed and Blankets. Loaf of Bread, hollowed out. Vanity Case.

Boys and girls, how is it that you know what your mother would have you do each day? "By listening to her voice, and hearing her speak," you say. But I know there have been times when you have HEARD her instructions but have failed to OBEY. Hasn't this been true of you? These have been the times when you have gotten into trouble, and often punishment has had to be meted out so that you would remember not only to HEAR but to OBEY. You can remember such times, can't you?

There are folks today who say if they could only hear God speak, they would be willing to HEAR and OBEY. God does speak to folks today through His Book, the Bible. If you want to hear God speak to you—to know His plan, for your life—to know what He would have you do day by day, read and study His Word!

But there are people who will not hear God speaking through His Word, so He has to speak in other ways. God would rather speak through His Word. He finds no pleasure in arresting man in his mad way by permitting judgment and sorrow to enter his life—and yet, some will hear in no other way.

Most of you remember the story of Pharaoh, the king in Egypt at the time of the bondage of the Children of Israel. (Ex. 5:12.) God spoke to Pharaoh through Moses, but Pharaoh refused to hear God's commands to let "His people go," so God had to speak in other ways. He spoke through the dreadful plagues which came upon Pharaoh and the Egyptians after they had refused to hear God speak as He desired to speak, through His servant Moses.

One of the most dreadful of these plagues was the plague of frogs. Imagine a scene which may have taken place in the palace of Pharaoh. His beautiful daughter, the princess, arose one morning and sat down to her dressing table as usual. Her maids were gathered about her to anticipate her every need. The dressing table was in readiness with its beautiful silver and gold toilet articles, for should not a princess have the very best of everything? She was a daughter of Pharaoh, the great king of Egypt, you know.

As the maids hastened to prepare her for the Egyptian court—the lid of one of the beautiful dishes on the dressing table was removed—a scream of horror was heard from all—a frog was hidden in the dish. (Lift lid of dish where frog has been concealed.)

Down to the breakfast room they went. Surely the princess would be able to eat without being disturbed by the terrible frogs—but no—the maid proceeded to cut the bread, but could get no further with the breakfast preparations, for from the loaf of bread emerged a large frog. (Have loaf of bread hollowed out and frog concealed therein.) Needless to say, the princess left the breakfast room without eating.

All day long frogs were found everywhere. At last night came on. Surely there would be relief in sleep. So to the princess's room they hurried, glad, at last, to get away from the frogs. The beautiful canopied bed was made ready for the princess, but as the coverings were turned back, lo, the bed was full of frogs. There was no way of escape. (Turn back covers of toy bed where frogs had been concealed.)

And so God spoke long ago in Egypt, but even then His voice was not heard. He had to mete out death before Pharaoh would HEAR and OBEY. How foolish he was not to hear God's voice, and thus save himself and his people from those terrible plagues!

Let God speak to you today, boys and girls, in His way. He most desires to speak to you through His Word. And as you prayerfully read, may your heart continually say, "I will hear what God, the Lord will speak."—Ps. 85:8. Set apart a time each day to hear Him speak to you in this way. Read at least a chapter daily from your Bible. "Study to show yourselves approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth."—2 Tim. 2:15. And having heard His voice, be quick to obey.

"Be ye DOERS of the Word, and not HEARERS only."—James 1:22.

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