Object Lessons

God's Word in Your Heart

Objects: A Funnel, a Sifter (or Sieve), and a Sponge.

This boys and girls, I want to tell you about three kinds of HEARERS who are generally found in church and Sunday school every Sunday. I wonder how you HEAR. the Word as it is given out, each Sunday? I will let these three objects help you to classify yourself.

Now here is a FUNNEL. You've all seen a funnel, haven't you? Most of your mothers have one in the kitchen, and no doubt you've often seen her use it in pouring liquid from one jar to another. I'm going to use it this morning to fill these jars with water. See how the water goes right through! The funnel looks as empty now after pouring the water in as it did before. You know, boys and girls, some folks who come to church and Sunday school every Sunday are "funnel-hearers." The message "goes in one ear and out the other." The water I poured in the funnel pictures the Word of God which is given out each Sunday: but the funnel-hearers can't remember a word they heard after leaving the church or Sunday school. By Sunday night the message has quite gone out of their minds and lives, just like the funnel. Things just won't stick in the minds and hearts of the funnel-hearers. Oh, I do trust that you, boys and girls, don't belong to this class, but if you do, that you will get out of it immediately.

Here is another object found in your mother's kitchen—a SIFTER. Of course you know that this sifter is used to sift flour. After the flour is sifted, only lumps remain in the sifter, which are good for nothing but to be thrown away. Did you know that some folks are sifter-hearers? No matter how good the message, by the time they reach home all the good of the message has been sifted away and only the lumps or unimportant parts are remembered. If there is any part of the sermon that the hearer doesn't like, the sifter-hearer is sure to remember this very part. Sifter-hearers are continually finding fault or picking flaws with what they've heard. This is surely not a very good class of hearers to be in—is it?

Now my last object is a SPONGE. Let us see how this sponge will act when put in this bowl of water! Why, it takes it all in and leaves not a drop in the bowl. Best of all it not only takes the water in but hides it away and keeps it. What they splendid group of hearers this sponge pictures! Like the sponge, they drink in the water of the Word, every drop of it. Not only do they hear it, but hide it away in their hearts and lives to help them live for the Lord Jesus all through the week. Psalm 119:11—"Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee." The Word to them, too, is food to nourish and strengthen. Jer. 15:16—"I have found Thy Word and did eat it, and it was unto me the joy and rejoicing of my heart" .. .

This is the kind of hearer I'm sure that you boys and girls want to be—a sponge-hearer. May you go away today determined to "Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom"—Col. 3:16.

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