Object Lessons


Objects: A Peanut

Today, boys and girls, I have something in my hand- that no man has ever seen. Yes, it is something material and real, hard and brownish in color—and yet it has never been seen by anyone, and never will be again. How many of you believe what I've told you about this object which 'I have in my hand? It sounds hard to believe, doesn't it? Are you willing to believe it even though you cannot understand how it can be true, but because I have told you that it IS true? (Have those who are 'killing to believe without seeing, stand up.)

I'm sure none of you can ever guess what it is, so I will show you. (Display peanut; crack open and display kernel.) See this kernel of the peanut! Didn't I tell you the truth about it? It is hard, isn't it, and, brownish in color? And has any man ever seen it before? No! And will anyone ever see it again? (Put in mouth and eat.) No!

Some of you believed all that I said about this peanut, though you did not know what it was, and though you had not seen it. This was an example of FAITH. God's Word says that "FAITH is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen."—Heb. 11:1. When you believe God's Word, though you cannot understand, nor see, nor feel, but believe it because God says so, you are exercising faith. Belief in a statement depends upon who said it. God is the Author of the Bible (2 Tim. 3:16). It is His Word, so that you can safely exercise your faith by believing every word of it.

"Have faith in God," we are told in Mark 11:22. We are obeying in this respect, when we believe what He has said in His Word, as some of you did regarding what I had in my hand.

"So, then, FAITH cometh by HEARING, and hearing by the Word of God."—Rom. 10:17. If you would increase your faith, boys and girls, HEAR God's Word and BELIEVE it. Let us be known as boys and girls,—men and women of faith!

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