Object Lessons

Curving Light with Lucite

Objects: A piece of lucite about a foot long which has been heated and twisted. (This may usually be obtained from some illuminating supply company.) An extension cord with electric light.

Scripture: "Ye are the light of the world." Matthew 5:14.

I have in my hands, girls and boys, a very interesting lesson for you this morning. Here is what looks like a piece of bent glass tubing. However, it is not glass, but a new chemical plastic called Lucite. It was just recently developed by one of our large manufacturing companies and has certain characteristics that glass does not have. I want to show you a lesson from it.

Now notice that when I place the end of this bent tubing against the light, the, light goes through the entire length of the lucite and comes out the other end. I want this to represent a man or woman who has fallen into sin. Once they were straight and clean, but they have sinned and come short of the glory of God; and they have become crooked like this piece of lucite. Then one day they come to know Him who said, "I am the light of the world," and even though they are bent and scarred with sin, still they can be of use to Christ to give light to a world that is lost in darkness and sin. My, what a wonderful Saviour we have, who can save and keep "unto the uttermost."

Now, as far as we know, Incite is the only material that will "bend" light. Light usually must travel in a straight line. But when light enters this tubing it goes- around corners, and up and down until it comes to the end. So it is with the Gospel of Christ. The only ones who can carry the blessed message of God's love are those who have been redeemed by the precious blood of Christ. Angels cannot carry the message. Nature does not reveal it. Only folks like you and me who have learned the sweetness of God's forgiveness can be a channel for the light.

I want you to see further here that this piece of lucite is of no earthly good as a light conveyor unless it is held directly against the light. Just as soon as I move it away from the electric light bulb here, the light ceases to come out of the end. Here is a lesson for you, and me, too. If I want to shine for Christ while I am here in this world, I must live close to Him. I must not let anything come between my Saviour and me. For just as soon as I do, then I fail to shine for Him. Money, or friends, or pleasures or business must never separate me from the love and devotion I must maintain with Christ who died for me.

One of the most interesting uses of this new invention is its use in getting into the nooks and crannies where a larger light could not get. Your dentist uses it in observing the small cavities of your wisdom teeth. Your doctor uses it too to peer way down into your throat. Without something like this, there are many places where the light could never go. Now, just so it is with the light of the gospel. God depends upon us to get into the out of the way places with the light of the knowledge of Christ. Into places where there is no Church or Sunday School. Into homes where the Bible is never read. Into communities where there is no preacher or teacher. Into these places we can go as Lucite with one end next to the Saviour's glorious light, and the other end brightening the way of lost men and women and boys and girls. May God help us to shine for Him who Himself is the Sun of Righteousness.

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