Object Lessons

Can the Lord Depend on You

Objects: Two Nails, one made of steel and the other of rubber, driven into board; a Picture, Coat, and Hat to hang on nails.

Here are two nails, boys and girls. They look exactly alike, don't they? Nails are such useful things to have in one's possession. They are used in building houses and bridges and furniture. How many uses we find for them too, about our homes. We hang pictures and other things on them. A good strong nail can be depended upon to hold many things in place.

Let us examine these two nails and see how useful and dependable they are.

I'll hang a hat and coat on this first nail. It looks strong, doesn't it? (Hang garments on rubber nail.) Why, they only fall off. Perhaps these things were too heavy. I'll try hanging this small picture on it. No, the nail will not hold this up either. Let us examine the nail. Why, it is only made of rubber. (Stretch it out.) It is not to be depended upon to perform the duty of a nail. You can't even depend upon a nail of this kind to hold up even the smallest article.

Let us try hanging things on the second nail. Why, it holds the coat, hat, and picture. (Demonstrate.) This is a dependable nail. It is made of steel. No matter what you put on this nail, it faithfully holds it up. This is the kind of a nail to have in one's home.

Now, people are very much like these two nails, boys and girls. You find these two classes of people at school, in your homes and in the church. Some, like the nail made of rubber, cannot be depended upon to perform the smallest task assigned to them. They seem interested and enthusiastic at first and make promises, but never fulfill them. Then there is the other group of folks who like the steel nail can always be depended upon. They not only promise but fulfill their promises. You can always count on them. What splendid folks these are! In which class are you, boys and girls? Can mother depend upon you in the home, your Sunday school teacher in the church and most of all—can the Lord Jesus depend upon you to do always the things that are well pleasing in His sight?

Did you notice, too, that when the steel nail is performing its duty of holding up various articles, the nail itself is not seen, but only the things it is holding up. So with the dependable folks, they themselves remain hidden in the background but their labors are seen and these glorify the Lord.

The Lord needs men and women, boys and girls, in His service, who, like the steel nail, can be depended upon to perform His task, whether great or small. In 1 Corinthians 15:58 we find this verse: “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always bounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord."

Let us be "STEEL-NAIL-FOLKS," boys and girls, no matter here we are, in the home, at school or at church. It is splendid to be known as a dependable boy or girl.

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