Object Lessons

Beautiful Feet

Objects: Shoes of various kinds and styles. A pair of Chinese shoes displayed. An Elephant's Foot exhibited, (obtained from a museum.)

Boys and girls, have you ever known folks who wished for BEAUTIFUL feet? Perhaps you have never thought of feet being beautiful, but God speaks of "BEAUTIFUL feet" in His Word.

Here is a foot of an animal. (Display.) Do you know what kind of animal has a foot like this? An elephant—yes, this is an elephant's foot. You wouldn't call this a beautiful foot, would you, and yet it is a very useful part of the elephant. This is a fact of great importance to animals.

But human beings want not only strong, useful feet, but beautiful ones, and spend much effort in accomplishing this desire.

Have you ever stood before a shoe store window and looked at the different shoes and styles. Some have a lacy-like design as this pair. (Show a pair having small hole perforations, making a design.) Others are made of several colored leathers as this pair of brown and tan. (Display such a shoe.) Or this pair of dark and white leather. (Display.)

Why is all this trouble taken to make shoes of various colors and design? The answer is that folks want beautiful feet.

Here is a pair of shoes worn by a Chinese woman. (Display.) See how small they are! In China, the smaller the feet the more beautiful they are considered. (Tell of the binding of the feet of Chinese children.) Even here in America many regret having large feet, and they often try to wear shoes that are a size too small, just so they will appear to have beautiful feet.

But these shoes (on display) only tell of man's way of making one's feet attractive. What kind of feet does God say are BEAUTIFUL? Let us read Isa. 52:7, "How BEAUTIFUL . . . are the feet of them who bring GLAD TIDINGS."

Ah—not how one's feet LOOK, but how they are USED, makes them beautiful in God's sight. They are to carry glad tidings. On that first Christmas Day so long ago, the angel said to the shepherds, "Behold I bring you good tidings of great joy . . . For unto you is born this day . . . a Saviour."—Luke 2:10, I I. This is good tidings, indeed—that a Saviour is born—even the Lord Jesus, who went to the cross in the sinner's stead. Those who have received Him as Saviour and are bearing the good tidings to others, in God's sight have BEAUTIFUL feet. Are your feet beautiful, boys and girls? No, it matters not whether your shoes are new or old, brown or black—but are they bearing the good news of the Gospel (1 Cor. 15:1-3) to loved ones at home or to playmates at school.

As God, our Heavenly Father, looks down upon us today, boys and girls, may He see our feet BEAUTIFUL for Him!

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