You Can't Get Something for Nothing

You Can't Get Something for Nothing

Many years ago, when I knew very little about the cost of things, I went to a tailor for a suit of clothes. He measured me this way and that—arms, legs, waist, chest, shoulders, and so on.

I really had very little money to spend, so I chose a piece of cloth that would make a suit for a small price. Now even in those days, when money stretched further than it does today, what I paid wouldn't buy much of a suit.

I didn't know that. Learning the truth was part of my education.

For when the suit was finished and I tried it on, I knew instantly what a mistake I had made. It looked cheap from the first moment.

However, I hid my pride and told the tailor it was wonderful and how pleased I was with the suit. You know, we all hate to admit we've been foolish.

A week or so later the pants began to bag at the knees. No amount of pressing could keep a crease. Buttons began to come off. Seams popped. Holes appeared in the pockets. I was ashamed to wear the thing, but I was in no financial condition to run out and get another, better one. I knew that I should have paid a few dollars more so that I could be proud of what I was wearing. But it was too late.

That cheap suit taught me a valuable lesson—a lesson worth much more than the few precious dollars I sank into that miserable piece of cloth. I learned this: You can't get something for nothing.

No skilled pianist, teacher, minister, salesman, farmer, baseball player, housewife, mechanic, or any other craftsman becomes good at his job without effort. God did give us our brains and bodies. They cost us nothing. But their proper use doesn't come easy.

Somebody once asked a great comedian what made him so funny. He replied: "Work, work, work." Even making people laugh is work, if you do it for a living.

Jesus Christ lived the greatest life the world ever saw, before or since. Because he is the chosen Son of God, you might think his perfect, spotless character came without effort. Not so. Not even Jesus got something for nothing.

Read the four Gospels. There you find how he suffered, worked, sweated, got tired like the rest of us, grew weary and discouraged, made enemies when he did his duty, had friends desert him when he needed them most, and finally had to die that we might be saved. The salvation of mankind was achieved at great cost to the greatest man who ever lived.

Nothing good comes cheaply. Read our history, especially American history. Every advance in government, science, and religion has been made because somebody paid the price.

In your own life remember: You can't get something for nothing!

Whether you are buying a suit or preparing for a career, you must pay the right price Making a fine Christian home, building a strong Christian character, serving the world according to your conscience—all these goals require a price. You get what you pay for. And you pay for what you get. Ask God to help you pay whatever price his way for you requires.

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