Why a Mountain Stream Is Beautiful

Why a Mountain Stream Is Beautiful

Why is a mountain stream one of nature's loveliest sights? And so interesting?

Some say "because it's flowing." Yes, but that's only part of the answer, for many streams that flow rapidly are not half so fascinating as the brook that tumbles down a mountainside.

The mountain stream is interesting because of the obstacles it encounters on its rush to the sea. Mainly rocks, these obstacles cre­ate the splash, spray, gurgle, roar, and white foam which make the mountain stream man's delight.

Suppose, if you can, that the stream ran down a perfectly smooth creek or river bed—smooth on the sides and the bottom—with no curves, no big boulders in the middle, no deep pools to hold it back? We wouldn't care to look at it long.

The things that get in its way make it interesting. But that's only half the benefit. The indescribable beauty we can see.

Another result of these obstacles we see only indirectly. The stream is made and kept fresh, pure and life giving because of the rocks.

We all know that a flowing stream purifies itself. A mountain stream keeps doubly fresh. Agitated constantly, swirling around the rocks, and thrown into contact with the air by waterfalls and rapids, it absorbs more than its share of oxygen.

Harmful bacteria die rapidly in such water. And fish, especially game fish such as trout, find it a perfect spot to live.

The mountain stream has a lesson for us. It is the obstacles which get in our way and seem to impede us, that make our lives interesting, beautiful, and worthwhile. In reading biographies of great men, which we should all do as young people, we find the most interesting phase of their lives to be the early days of struggle, deprivation, and hardship.

The dullest kind of life possible is one devoid of struggle. Take away the discipline of doing without, of working for what we want, of suffering for a great cause, and you create a dull, childish, uninteresting personality. Many boys and girls have been spoiled by having everything their own way.

God could have made us like a spider, the creature that has nothing to learn. The spider is born with completely developed instincts. It knows, the second it pops out of its tiny egg, just how to build a perfect spider web, catch flies, and be a model spider.

Human beings are not so. We must struggle, struggle, struggle, to become grown-up, mature children of God. And it is the obstacles we encounter and conquer that make us better people.

If you learn the mountain stream's complete lesson, you'll even have fun while overcoming handicaps. It sings, hums, roars, and laughs its way around the rocks. It actually seems to have fun. And your most interesting experiences in life will be overcoming obstacles. Life is dull without a struggle against odds. It is made rich by exertion.

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