Which Is Stronger—Love or Hate

Which Is Stronger—Love or Hate

This question you must answer in your own life. Nobody can escape it. We live by one answer or the other.

Some of us live as if our neighbors can't be trusted or as if they're not worth wasting our time to help. We put self first. We regard force and might as correct instruments to settle disputes. Whoever is strongest, we say is in the right. To us, our own interests and opinions come first; nobody else's are deserving of consideration. As for God—well, he will just have to wait his turn. Meanwhile, we're too busy promoting our own affairs. We hate whatever or whoever gets in our way.

Others of us look at life differently. We regard all we have as a temporary trust from God, to be used for our fellow men. We make every decision with other people in mind. Not just our welfare, but also that of our neighbors, is important to us. We don't hate those who oppose us. We realize that we can be wrong. We put God's way before our own. This is the way of love.

Judging by the movies and TV programs, so filled with slugging matches, force and violence are about the only means man has for settling disputes. Just for interest, count the times shooting and fist fights wind up the television program you watch. Is life in your community lived like this?

Suppose Jesus had settled his disputes with those who hated him by calling down fire from heaven each time. Imagine, if you can, this scene: A gang of rogues hired by the temple priests pick up stones to kill Christ. Presto! He waves his hand. A hundred angels appear and strike the men dead. The crowd shrieks in horror and falls prostrate at Jesus' feet, worshiping him out of sheer terror.

Or, back at Nazareth, his home town, Jesus is being led to a cliff's edge. The angry mob intends to cast him down headlong onto the cruel rocks below. The Bible tells us he escaped from them. Suppose instead he had uttered a cry for help from heaven! Instantly a thousand angels appear and throw the men over to their deaths!

Had Jesus put his life and interests first, had he destroyed those who hated him, would his name mean anything to us today? Would we say: This is the Son of God? Would all mankind acknowledge him as the greatest Man who ever lived?

You know the answer. No, had Christ chosen hate instead of love, the world would remember him only as a gifted, but cruel, man.

Christ chose the way of love. However weak it appeared to his enemies, and even to some of his disciples, love proved to be stronger. For God is love. And God is all powerful.

You must decide which will rule your life—love or hate. Will you choose weak hatred that burns itself out or powerful love that increases in strength?

Don't be fooled by the big armies and air forces. They will pass. Mankind will abandon them. God's way of love and peace will prevail. In your own life choose the winning way—the way of love!

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