The World's Most Intricate Machine

The World's Most Intricate Machine

If the hand is the world's most wonderful tool, then what is her most wonderful machine?

Again, it is a God-given one. It comes fully equipped, ready for operation, and with a lifetime guarantee. We pay literally nothing for it, and its maintenance cost is very low. Only now and then does it need repairs, and these repairs are often necessary only because of our own neglect or abuse.

This machine is the human body, of which the hand is a small but essential part.

No human being could construct such an intricate machine, each part fitted and coordinated with the rest. Only with a great knowledge of anatomy, can we truly appreciate how truly perfect God created this human body of ours.

I tell my hand to move, to operate the typewriter, to open the door, to pick up a pencil, and it obeys without question. I speak no words. In some mysterious fashion the command is communicated to the fingers, thumb, wrist, forearm, upper arm, and shoulder. Each of these parts must be coordinated with the rest.

Is the message sent by electric impulses or by some kind of radio waves from the brain? Some scientists think the latter.

I eat a candy bar. I chew and swallow, and then forget it. But my body doesn't. Instantly my digestive organs go into action, breaking the food down into usable chemical compounds, which are sent through an amazing series of chemical processes, converting the candy into a form my cells and tissues can use. The circulatory system, or the blood stream, then takes over and transports these transformed chemicals to all parts of the body.

Not to waste any motion, the blood brings back waste material on its way back, depositing these wastes in the proper places.

God gave us tissue we call muscle, which provides power to move the body and to do its internal work. He provided a framework of bone that we call the skeleton.

Each part and system of the body is designed to assist and work with every other part. No man-made machine can possibly compare with it.

Actually, we ourselves don't own this machine. We merely occupy it until it's worn out. God lets us use it, true. But the way we use it greatly concerns him.

He wants it used for good purposes, just as Jesus Christ, when on earth, went about "doing good" with his body. God wants us to use our bodies for his glory and for the service of our fellow men.

Let's use this world's most marvelous machine for him.

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