The Secret of Having Friends

The Secret of Having Friends

This is a secret many people learn. Not that it's so hard. Or, that it's any real secret. The answer has been public property for thousands of years. But, like so many other great truths that cost nothing and pay huge dividends, this secret of how to have friends eludes millions of people even today.

We all want friends. If we say we don't, we're not telling the truth. Often those who want them most have the fewest friends. They simply don't know how to attract them.

Here's how to have friends: The way to have a friend is to be a friend. Just that simple.

Naturally, being nice looking, good at sports, smart, well dressed, and all that, does help. Some of us are gifted. We attract people like honey attracts flies. Other individuals seem to gravitate toward us, pulled by that mysterious force we call "personality."

This is not written for such people. They need little help in making friends.

But suppose you're not one of these fortunates. Suppose you're one of those doing well to have just one friend. And when that one moves away or you move, you're left without any. Or, suppose you're so timid and shy other boys and girls think you're really unfriendly and so leave you alone. This happens all the time. In such a case, you must take action. For you can change more easily than you can change the world.

If you want friends, be a friend. And be friendly. Force yourself to smile and speak to others, even when you're afraid inside you won't be answered. Go out of your way to be helpful, even though you're snubbed once in a while.

If you see some boy or girl who, like yourself, is lonely, be extra courteous and friendly with them. You'd be surprised at how many there are who're afraid inside too.

Then join some group or organization in school or church, where you can mix and mingle with others your own age. Also, develop some skill or interest or hobby that will give you a talking subject with other people. I know one boy whose hobby of stamp-collecting gives him an excellent topic of discussion with people, including adults.

Develop your athletic ability all you can. This will give you confidence in many ways not connected with athletics. Any boy or girl not physically handicapped or cripple can become good in some sport, if they try hard enough. Once having developed your skill, you can then teach others or give them that assistance you wanted so badly not long ago.

There are a thousand-and-one ways to have friends, but they all boil down to this: Be friendly; be a friend.

Jesus Christ was a friend, even to those who hated him. Today he has millions of faithful friends all over the earth, friends who would die for him. Study his methods and you'll have friends too.

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