The Earth's Oldest Chemical

The Earth's Oldest Chemical

In my hand I hold a glass of the earth's oldest chemical. It's one you used this very morning—that is, if you washed your hands and faces before coming to church.
Correct! This is a glass of water. Just ordinary, plain water, as it came from the faucet.

Water is the earth's oldest chemical, and perhaps the most valuable and necessary for man's existence. Scientists tell us that the water we use today—yes, the water in this very glass—is exactly the same chemical it was billions of years ago. When the dinosaurs roamed the earth, they drank and wallowed in this very water. The saber-toothed tiger lapped it up.

Of course it's changed form and traveled a bit in its day. It has been ice, sleet, hail, snow, dew, rain, fog, ocean water, river water, lake water, creek water, well water, and lots of other kinds. It was in Africa, Asia, the South Pacific, the Arctic, the Antarctic, and all over the seven seas. You could write geography, history, and science books, filling a whole room just on the places this small bit of water has been, the people it has touched, the things it's done.

Water hasn't changed a bit in its chemical composition. Other chemical compounds do change—but not water. God must have planned it that way, for we must have plentiful water.

You can make water dirty, muddy, or impure. You can dissolve other chemicals such as salt or sugar in it. But the water itself always returns to its original state—two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. God, in his wonderful way, purifies water over and over again.

His powerful sun shines on earth and sea, drawing water upward in purest vapor form, and then releases it for our use in snow, rain, and hail. Each year, the scientists tell us, 1/3,000 of the water in the oceans rises into the sky as vapor and falls again as pure, clear liquid.

And, like the water, God can purify us too. When we have bad, ugly thoughts, he can forgive us, if we ask him. When we are nasty tempered, we can become sweet again with his help.

If we're truly sorry for our sins, God can take them away forever. He can cleanse all the bad, dirty, ugly feelings, acts, and thoughts. For you see, like the indestructible water I hold in my hand, the human soul lasts a long time. And God can cleanse and purify our souls again and again, if we ask him.

Each night when we lie down to sleep, we should first get down on our knees beside the bed and tell God what we've done wrong, ask his pardon, and request help to be better next day. Then we can rise the next morning with clean hearts.

Just as he purifies the water, God will cleanse our everlasting souls.

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