That Amazing Calculator Under Your Hat

That Amazing Calculator Under Your Hat

No matter what wonderful inventions man may concoct, God always goes him one better. If we think we've done great things, we usually find that God has been there first. We're only second-rate imitators.

Take this matter of the amazing calculating machines our physicists are now inventing. In less than a second they solve mathematical problems that would baffle even the smartest professors for weeks. Or they store up information and rattle it off on cards or tape whenever you request it.

But each of us possesses a far more amazing calculating machine. We were born fully equipped with it. No wires, no transistors or tubes, no electric power lines, nothing to go wrong. It comes fully protected in a bony container we call our "skull." Right, you guessed it—the human brain.

No, it can't solve some of those higher math problems. It could if we persisted and learned enough math. But it is an all-round, general-purpose machine, the most amazing, mysterious, and truly wonderful creation on earth. It weighs only a pound or so. But look what it has done.

With this God-given human brain, man designed and made the pyramids of Egypt. He dug the Panama Canal. He has conquered deadly diseases and will conquer more. He has split atoms and put them back together again. He has designed, made, and operated a telescope that will explore universes billions of miles away. He has taken various sounds, put them together, and produced what we call music. He "stores" or puts away this music on records or tape, so that we can reproduce it at any time we desire.

He makes airplanes that fly higher and faster than any bird, taking hundreds of people through the sky. Someday, possibly within your lifetime, man will fly to the moon and back. You might even go yourself.

He creates huge ships which sail the oceans daily, bearing thousands of people. All these miracles are products of the God-given brain.

With this brain we remember. Words, scenes, pictures, sounds, smells—everything we ever saw, heard, or experienced, is stored up in our brains and can be called back. Sometimes, when we dream at night, our brains do bring back long-forgotten events.

We solve problems with our brains. In fact, man thinks up problems and then solves them. He even invents and constructs the complicated calculating machines we mentioned a moment ago.

We do all this, and more, at the same time using only about one-tenth of our brain power. Scientists tell us this is true—nine­tenths of our brain power goes unused. Some people we know use much, much less than others.

While doing the mental problems, our brain controls our bodies. Where and how we walk, what we eat, the words we say—all these functions are brain controlled.

God gave us this marvelous brain. He wants us to use it for his glory and mankind's benefit. That is its real purpose.

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