Somebody Important Is Thinking of You

Somebody Important Is Thinking of You

If a friend should tell you that the president of the United States thinks about you every day, you'd have good reason to laugh. For, with all his many duties, how could he even think of a few hundred people daily, much less the millions of American citizens who make up our land?

Just the same, all of us would be terribly flattered if the president did think of us or inquire about our welfare.

The fact is, somebody much more important than the president is thinking about you, and me, and all of us, and not just once a day, but all day every day.

This person is God. Every minute, every hour, every morning, noon, and night—God is actually watching over us.

How does he do this with more than two and a halt billion of his human children spread over the earth? It works like this. Human parents who have one child give that child all their attention. Yet, parents who have two, three, five, ten, or twelve children seem to love each one as much as the other parents love their one. Now God can think not just about one, two, ten, a  hundred, thousand, million, or billion! He keeps each one of us in mind all the time.

Right now., this very moment, he is thinking of you. But not just you, or even me, as important as we think we are. God is also thinking of the Chinese babies, the African old people, the Swedish boys, the French girls, the Canadian millionaires, and the poorest peasants of South America.

To be exact, God is thinking about and watching over every man, woman, boy, and girl in the whole world. Rich and poor, good and bad, young, old and middle aged, black, white, brown, red, and yellow—the whole vast population that makes up the human race—he's looking at each one separately.

He knows their problems. He helps them when they ask for his assistance. He listens to their troubles. He is glad when they obey him and sad when they disobey. So, this very important Person, our heavenly Father, is thinking about you all the time, even this very minute.

Jesus told us that not a sparrow falls to the ground without God knowing it. God knows how many hairs you have on your head, even if you don't. He knows how many million blood vessels—veins and arteries—you have in your body.

How and why does he think about us? First of all, he is God and can do such vast and incredible acts that human beings can't begin to imagine. God is without limit in his power.

Next, he keeps us in mind because he loves us. We are his children. He never forgets us for one instant, even though we may forget him.

When you say your prayers tonight, remember that God is listening, ready and anxious to hear. He'll be thinking of you then, just as he is this very moment. This very important Person will never forget any of us.

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