Let God Shine Through You

Let God Shine Through You

In the Peabody museum at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, is a wonderful collection of mineral rocks.

They are in a small, darkened room. Actually, at first glance, they are very ordinary looking rocks. Should you see them lying by the roadside or path, many are so ordinary looking that you'd never have given them a second glance. A visitor to the museum might well ask: "What are these rocks doing here? Why, I've seen nicer looking ones than that at home!"

And, actually, a great many are exactly the same kind you can pick up in almost any section of the United States without paying a penny for the privilege. Brown, yellow, black, grey, white—most of the mineral rocks in Peabody Museum are ordinary looking.

But, press the button by the display case, and what a change! Instantly these dull-looking pieces of rock are transformed. They glow with unbelievably lovely colors—rose, pink, soft purple, green, lavender, blue, grey-blue, and dozens of other colors. These colors, more beautiful than the mind of man can conceive, all seem to come from inside the minerals.

And what makes the change? Well, a very common kind of light bulb in the top of the display case. Not the kind we use in our homes, not that common, but an ultraviolet light bulb, the kind which gives off a light ray too blue or too purple for the human eye to see. The ultraviolet light has a mysterious effect on the mineral rocks. What the process is, I don't know.

Considerable scientific knowledge of light physics would be required to explain the change. But anybody can see the change and vouch for the fact that the change in the appearance of these rocks does occur.

You might say we are like these rocks in many ways. So many of us are just average. To other people we may even appear dull, unattractive, and not worth taking a second look at. That's the truth, even though we appear pretty nice to ourselves.

But a mysterious, quick, and lovely change can take place in our own lives. How?

By our letting God's light, his love, his great spirit, shine through us. Like the rocks, which need an outside source to make them glow so brilliantly, human beings are most attractive when they allow God to influence them.

We are different from the rocks in that we can refuse God if we wish. Rock minerals in a glass case have no power to prevent the ultraviolet light being turned on them.

But you and I can say to ourselves, to others, and to God: "I'm choosing to be mean, selfish, stingy, self-centered, and indifferent to God and man!" And a lot of people do just that. Not in so many words, but by neglect and failing to choose the best in life.

As we get older and the natural attractiveness of youth fades, we need the unfailing radiance that comes from inside. What we are inside makes the difference then. And what we are inside depends mainly on how we let God affect us. Do we refuse him, or do we ask him every day to guide, lead, instruct, and inspire us?

You can be dull and unattractive. Or you can be more and more attractive each year you live. God can make the difference, if you let him.

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