Keeping Your Life Pointed to God

In almost any dime store you can buy a compass for twenty-five cents or so. And one which will work too.

A compass is nothing but a magnetized needle, freely suspended, which points to the North Magnetic Pole. If you take an ordinary sewing needle from your mother's sewing kit and magnetize it by stroking it on a magnet a few times, you can make a compass.

Take this needle, gently lay it on the surface of water covered with a film of oil so that it won't sink, and it will point north. Or, run it endwise through a short straw so that the straw will act as a "life-preserver," and the needle will also float and point north.

The compass Christopher Columbus used on the world's greatest voyage back in 1492 was no better than the one you can buy now for a quarter. All sorts of refinements have been made since, but even the largest ship's compass does one thing mainly—it points north.

When you travel or hike through the woods, a compass, if properly used, can be of great help. Once you know the landmarks, the compass tells you what direction to go. Why? Because it always points north. From that you can figure out east, west, and south, for yourself.

As the compass directs the traveler, we all have an inside compass which points the right way on the road of life. That invisible indicator is conscience. Conscience tells us what is right and wrong. It points the way to God. It can, if followed, lead us to a wonderful life.

Conscience is that inner feeling that makes us feel bad when we do wrong and good when we do right. After we have told a lie or stirred up trouble against our parents or teachers, our conscience usually hurts. It tells us, "You're on the wrong track!" Contrary, it gives us a pat on the back when we go right, especially against odds.

Naturally, conscience can be ruined if we persist in wrongdoing long enough, just as a compass can be ruined by continual exposure to magnetic forces. If we want to stray from God, no power can prevent us.

However, we all possess an inner longing to know him, to be with him, to do as he commands us. An invisible tie of love binds us to our heavenly Father. The upward progression of mankind indicates this.

We have helpers on this climb toward God. Parents, teachers, trusted friends, ministers, Sunday-school teachers, advisers to your Sunday youth group, a trusted employer—all these help keep us on the road.

But deep inside is the conscience. For us all, it is the final guide. If we keep it clean and untampered with, the conscience is the best guide of all. Through prayer, Bible-study, and meditation it becomes more sensitive, more certain of its Godward pointing, as each year goes by.

Keep your life pointed toward God. For that's the right direction on the road of life.

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