Is God Scientific?

Is God Scientific?

This sounds crazy! But not as crazy as you think at first glance. Is God scientific?

Is our heavenly Father, the God of the Bible, the God who sent Jesus Christ to the world, a God who understands all the mysteries of science? Is the Christian religion just for the old horse-and-buggy days, or does it fit in today?

To show how ridiculous much thinking on the subject is, let me illustrate. A group of high-school students were asked this question: Do you think God understands radar?

A majority answered no. Figure that one out!

The God who created all matter, who formulated and sustains all the laws of nature, who designed every living creature, plant and animal alike, who knows the number of atoms in the universe—this great God was thought of as less intelligent than we human beings.

Actually, we don't understand radar either. We merely use it. We have no idea as to what it is, no more than we really know what electricity is.

Is your idea of God this one: an old man with a beard who talked with people in the Bible, but who doesn't know any science? Many people have exactly this idea.

If you believe this, you're about a thousand years behind the times. Might as well believe Henry Ford never understood the Ford car. Or that Thomas Edison knew nothing of the light bulb. Or that Beethoven was ignorant of music.

Along with the crazy notion that God isn't scientific goes the absurd idea that Jesus Christ's religion is no good in our scientific day of progress. People reason this way: Jesus lived in a different age. He doesn't understand our problems. We know much more than he did. Therefore, his teachings do not apply to us.

Millions of people live according to this absurd doctrine. They might not admit it, but they do.

The exact opposite is the truth. Jesus' teachings are needed more today than ever. "Love your enemies" is terribly good advice when we can send guided missiles loaded with hydrogen bombs against one another.

The Golden Rule is far more necessary today, for we live so much closer together than did our ancestors. Also, Jesus' teachings that we should love God first and then our neighbor as ourselves certainly isn't out of date.

No, neither almighty God nor Jesus Christ, his Son, is old fashioned. They are millions of years ahead of us in every respect. We are unscientific, not they. We only understand a tiny, tiny part of God's great mysteries. He wants us to discover more and more, utilizing our minds and such instruments as the microscope, X ray, telescope, and the marvelous research tools yet to be invented.

Is God scientific? God invented, created, and maintains what we call science. Let's get over the childish notion that God's religion, revealed through Jesus Christ, doesn't apply today. The Christian faith never was stronger or more needed.

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