How Much Does God Love Us?

How Much Does God Love Us?

Any answer to this question would be wroing. Why? Because we can't measure anything God does.

Take distance for instance. How far is it to the farthest star or galaxy of stars God made billions of years ago? We don't know, nor will we ever know. Our most powerful telescope, the two-hundred-inch one at Mount Palomar, California, isn't strong enough to focus on the most distant galaxy. And remember that each galaxy contains millions and millions of stars the size of our sun.

How many grains of sand on the earth's beaches and in her sandpits? Nobody will know ever. But God knows.

How many waves this very second on all the oceans, lakes, rivers, and ponds? What a crazy question! But God knows how many.

How many hairs on your head? Anybody who would waste time counting them ought to have his head examined, but for another reason. But God knows how many. Jesus told us he did.

How many feathers on each sparrow in the world? How many stars in the sky? How many snowflakes and raindrops are falling on the earth this very second? How many people are there being born, dying, or getting over sickness this moment? You would think we could answer such a simple question as: "How many people are living?" but we can't. We can't even say, and be sure, but how many people are alive in the United States, or even in your own state.

But God can answer each of these questions!

Why? Because he's God. He is without limit in his knowledge, his power, and his love.

Not even our own parents know all about us. Think of the things you think and do that they know absolutely nothing about. But God knows. Why? Because he's God.

How much does he love us? More than all the great minds of the world can imagine. More than our parents love us, or our sweethearts, or our best friend.

Compare what we know with what God knows, and you know then how much he loves us. More than we can possibly imagine.

He cared so much for us that he sent Jesus Christ, his Son, to suffer pain and hardship and finally be crucified just to show us, as much as our puny minds can understand, how great is his love.

Do you know anybody you would die for? The list is short, isn't it? But Jesus died for us all. He excluded nobody. Not even the worst criminal. He would die for the meanest murderer who ever lived. He even died for Judas Iscariot, the traitor.

If you ever feel that nobody loves you, then you're absolutely wrong. For God loves you. His love never fails. It is as strong when you're bad as when you're good. Jesus told us this too.

What wonderful news this was! Men felt lonely, lost, and without hope. Only the privileged few felt God would take care of them in this world and the next. Then Jesus, God's own Son, came with the great news that our heavenly Father loves us—each and all. Even you and me.

How much does God love us? The biggest dictionary hasn't enough words to provide the right answer. We only know this—that he does and always will love us, his own children. God's love will never fail. Always remember that.

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