House Plans and Life Plans

House Plans and Life Plans

All over the United States men are building their own homes with their own hands. Last week I spent a pleasant evening with a young man who had just completed his house. He's not a carpenter, bricklayer, or contractor by trade. He's not skilled with hammer and saw. He makes his living working in a store. Yet, he's built a lovely house.

He explained to me just how he did it. Here are his words: "When I first thought of the idea, it seemed too big. Then I got some house plans from an architect. I studied them carefully. With his help I began to figure out just how I would build.

"I soon found that building a house consisted of making plans, then following them, doing each step at a time. Each plank, brick, rafter, pipe, wire, and shingle had to be put just so.

"Often I'd have to stop and study a while. Then I'd go on. In about six months, as you can see, I had built my own house."

And he does have a lovely home, one that would cost over $15,000 to buy. Yet, he built it himself.

As this young man talked, I thought: "What a good example of how to build a Christian life!"

We have an architect with time-tested plans for our lives—Jesus Christ. Jesus showed us and told us how to live.

If we take the plans he laid out for us—the wonderful acts and teachings recorded in the Gospels, we can build beautiful, strong "life houses" that will stand forever.

And how is this done? By trying to make every thought, every act, every decision, one that fits in with the master plans laid out by Jesus.

Naturally, we can't build our lives all at once, no more than you can build a house all at once. This is the mistake many young people make, thinking they can.

When my friend built his house, he first laid a strong concrete foundation. Then came the big wooden sills, then the strong uprights, then the rafters, the siding, the lathing, the plaster, and finally such items as wallpaper, and so on. Each step depended on the previous one.

So with our lives. We build each day on the previous days, weeks, months, and years. If we build each day according to Christ's plans, we'll build a good life, one that won't be destroyed or shaken by the tests which come.

What kind of life do you want when you're grown men and women? A good, strong, happy one? Naturally.

Now's the time to start building.

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