God, the Great Designer

God, the Great Designer

Using the example of the snowflake to illustrate God's inexhaustible capacity to create new and different works of beauty is almost too commonplace to mention. Yet, it is one of the best examples.

Take a piece of dark cloth, such as your coat sleeve—let a few snowflakes fall on it, and then examine them under a magnifying glass.

Each one has six sides. But each is different. Each of the billions of flakes that will fall to earth this winter will be different from the other billions. No two are alike. Include all the billions of snowflakes that have fallen since time began and that will drift to the earth in the future. No two alike, ever.

God creates each one different from all the rest, even while he is looking after the billions of stars, each as large as the sun and billions of miles from the earth.

While doing all this, he creates the leaves. Examine a few dozen tree leaves. You'll find no two exactly alike, despite their resemblance at first glance. No two will be the same. All beautiful. All exquisitely designed, as if a fairy had manufactured them with a lifetime of toil. But no two alike. Nor will they ever be.

The same principle applies throughout all nature. No two blades of grass are the same. No two crickets, or grasshoppers, or horses, pigs, flies, earthworms, or fishes. No two oysters, or eels, or birds, or snakes. In short, God makes each of his creatures different from any before or since.

When human beings manufacture articles, we make them as much alike as we can. They're cheaper that way. But God seems to have the time and energy to make them different. We can be grateful for this fact.

For suppose he made human beings all alike. What color? What height? What weight? Blonde, brunette, or redhead? Would we all be smart or dumb? Would we all prefer chocolate, or would it be vanilla? Would our noses be long, or just a dab of flesh out front?

Human beings are all different, right down to the fingertip. You know that. The myriads of tiny ridges at our fingers' ends, on the inside, are called "fingerprints." Police capitalize on this difference and identify people absolutely and positively by these prints.

God designs us all differently. We don't just happen to be that way. He creates us with different tastes, temperaments, and abilities. How marvelously he has provided. Some of us make good carpenters; some, bricklayers; some, bakers; and some, farmers. Put our different abilities together, and we supply one another's needs.

We could go on for years listing God's creations and how each one is a lovely thing in itself. The psalmist wrote, "The heavens declare the glory of God." How true! And each new scientific discovery declares even more how truly great God is. And only he, the great Designer, is worthy of our praise and worship.

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