God's Windows

God's Windows

Recently I stopped in our church just at dusk. Evening shadows were falling fast. I sat down in the back pew for a moment of silence. As I did, I noticed a strange thing that occurs every night here in the church after sunset.

The stained-glass windows seemed to gather every ray of light, concentrate it, and pass it inside, enriched and beautified by the various colors. As darkness deepened, the windows grew darker, too, but still glowed even more beautifully, far lovelier than at midday when the sun shines brightest.

I thought: How like human beings these windows are. All about us is some kind of darkness. There is the darkness of fear, the darkness of ignorance, of sin, of hatred, and other kinds of darkness.

But Christian people are supposed to catch the light of God, however dim it might seem; and by letting it shine through their lives, pass it on, enriched, to other people. Like the various colors of stained-glass windows, you and I and millions of other people are all different. No two alike.

Yet, we all receive the same kind of light—the identical love of God. If our lives are unattractive, covered with evil thoughts and deeds, then very little light shines through to those hungry for it.

But if we have the kind of Christian character Christ had, then God's light shines through lovelier than ever. We are God's windows. Others see God through us.

We can reveal God to others or hide him from them. The kind of light they get depends in part on what kind we let pass through.

Christ was God's perfect window, you might say. In fact, in the Bible he is called "the light of the world." Had he allowed his life to be sinful, the world would have very little light indeed. We wouldn't celebrate Christmas or Easter. We would have no churches. Our world would be a different and worse place to live in.

Christ wants us to take his light and pass it on. We see God through him. Others see God through us.

God needs human windows who'll let his light shine through as darkness comes on. He needs us for this.

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