For Girls Only

For Girls Only

Every girl wants to be a beautiful woman. And, believe it or not, every girl can be! How?

First, it's no trick. It can't be done overnight. Or in a beauty parlor. Nor can this beauty we talk about be applied with a pow­der puff or even come from the most expensive lipstick or rouge. Nor will the most fragrant Paris perfume costing $100 an ounce bring the kind of beauty which increases every passing year.

Most girls are naturally attractive. With all our good medical care, well-balanced diets, and widespread knowledge of the rules of health, our American girls have many advantages over their mothers and grandmothers. So many, many of them are truly lovely.

But the beauty that comes from youth is a fragile thing. It can fade like the color of the rose or the dew on the morning-glory. And when the original loveliness of girlhood goes, it is gone forever—unless! Unless it is replaced with a loveliness that comes from the inside.

What makes a lovely woman? Naturally, paint, powder, and lipstick do help. Attractive clothing and visits to the beauty parlor do their part too.

But, all around us, we see the most horrible, gloomy, unattractive faces with all these artificial aids doing their best, but not doing enough to hide an inner ugliness of mind and soul. As the years pass, we show more and more what we truly are inside. And since every woman wants to be beautiful, she had best be the right kind of person inside. All the drugstore creams and powders in the world can't cover up hate or worry or selfishness.

Some of the most beautiful adult women I know were not considered such good-lookers as girls. Frequently they weren't the ones who had the most dates or phone calls. But they did have a sweetness of spirit inside, which showed more and more on their faces.

On the other hand, I know some women who were truly beautiful twenty years ago. But selfishness, too much spoiling, greed—yes, and sometimes indulgence—have taken away that beauty. It has been replaced by worry lines, wrinkles, anxious looks, and a fear of growing old. Now that they've lost the beauty of youth, they've nothing inside to replace it. Their chief asset is gone forever. They're bankrupt.

To you who are younger—what women are the most beautiful to you? I suspect your answer is based on your observation of what women are the finest Christians. You have no idea what they resembled twenty, thirty, and forty years ago. So, your answer must come from what you observe right now.

True beauty can survive even terrible physical suffering. I know one woman whose waking hours are spent in a wheel chair and who sleeps in a specially constructed bed. Even crippling polio can't blot out a radiant face which literally glows with patience, love, and cheer.

Yes, you can be a beautiful woman. But your beauty must come from inside you, not from the drugstore. Think great and good thoughts. Love God and your fellow man. Give your time and talent to serve others.

And this we can depend on—you will be a beautiful woman!

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