Don't Sell Yourself Cheaply

Don't Sell Yourself Cheaply

Suppose you possessed a diamond worth $50,000 and a man offered you a trunk full of counterfeit dollars bills for it! Your first impulse might be that of anger. Later, you might think it best to call the police and have him put in a mental hospital. No person with such a treasure would part with it, except for real money.

But believe it or not, plenty of us sell a much more valuable treasure for counterfeit money and worthless trinkets. We sell our souls.

A diamond is valuable, not just because it is beautiful as a jewel and able, as an industrial tool, to cut even the hardest metals, but because it has another quality that makes it a good investment. It is virtually indestructible.

A house will decay in a hundred years or more, though some last longer. With normal use, an automobile lasts only ten or fifteen years. A new suit of clothes or a new dress wears out far too soon. But a diamond will be just as bright and solid ten thousand years from now as it is today.

But, according to Jesus Christ, the divine Son of God, our souls last always, even longer than diamonds. When all the diamonds in the world have turned to dust, you and I will still be alive.

Since we will be living so long and possess souls which cannot be destroyed, isn't it absurd to sell ourselves for counterfeit money ?

How can we sell our souls cheaply? We can form habits that are unbecoming to us, as children of God. We can be selfish and cause our souls to shrink up and become little. We can think of ourselves first and other people last. We can judge others harshly and think of ourselves as perfect. We can be dishonest in many little things so that when we grow up, we will be dishonest in big things.

We can take short cuts and cheat on life when we know that character is achieved only by doing the right, even when it's hard. We can be satisfied by being just as good as people around us, and often this is a low standard.

Jesus said: "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." This obligates us to live our best always.

That soul of yours—an eternal, precious possession—can be sold for counterfeit money or trinkets. Don't. Don't sell yourself cheaply.

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