Autumn Leaves and Elderly People

Autumn Leaves and Elderly People

Will you ever grow old? Yes, you will, if your wish comes true. For nobody wishes to die young. That means we want to grow old, doesn't it?

I know that growing old, stiff, gray-haired, and feeble  is the least of your ambitions. But more and more people are growing old, and more and more people are actually having a good time as older people, believe it or not.

I'd like to pass on to you the secret of being loved, respected, and happy after sixty-five. No, you haven't much interest now in the subject. I don't blame you, for I don't have too much either. I tell myself it's a long way off.

So, don't worry about growing old. That happens automatically, without any effort on your part. But just take this bit of information I'm about to give you, tuck it in the back of your mind, and keep it safe.

The secret is this: The kind of person you are now is very likely the kind of person you will be when, you're oldt Sounds complicated, I know. But it's true, just the same.

If you're kind, generous, of service to others, charitable, brave, and honest now and during the next few years, then you'llbe a very lovable person when you're sixty-five.

In a way, people are like autumn leaves. Each fall, green leaves turn into their various lovely colors. Scientists are puzzled as to why one turns brown, another red, another yellow, and so on. But they think they turn these colors because of the different chemical content in each leaf.

For example, the maple is about our most beautiful fall tree. Its brightest colors are red and yellow. The maple leaf has a high sugar content—filled with sweetness, you might say.

If your life is filled with sweetness—with the kind of  thoughts, acts, and motives you'd be proud of, then your autumn years, the last ones in your life, will be beautiful.

On the other hand, I notice that individuals who're unkind, stingy, and mean during their youth and adult lives are cranky old people—the kind you have to leave alone. These people have thought, all their lives, just about themselves.

I know a man who bawls his wife out if supper isn't ready exactly at six o'clock. How'd you like to live with him when he's seventy years old and meaner than ever? What a grumpy old character he's going to be!

I also know a woman who likes to bake cookies and goodies for children. I can predict that she'll make a lovely old lady.

Right now, today, tomorrow, this week, this year you're determining what kind of old person you'll be. Just as the tree stores up in its leaves the chemicals that give it an ugly or lovely color in the fall, so you're storing up the kind of life that will be ugly or beautiful years and years from now.

Do you want to be loved, respected, and liked when you are old? Now's the time to start!

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