The Quarrel of the Pin Family

The Quarrel of the Pin Family

The pin family had a quarrel. Why such bright, shiny, little Christian pins should quarrel is a mystery! But quarrel they did, in spite of their upbringing and their going to Sunday school. They were doing nothing but looking about the room from their soft cushion in front of the mirror on the bureau, admiring themselves in the looking glass. I think this is where the mischief began, when they were doing nothing.

Darning Needle had come to visit the Pin family, but one of the small Pin sisters, Susan Pin, just didn't like him Susan Pin said, behind his back, "I'd like to know what that darning needle is good for anyway. Look at him. He hasn't any head on him at all."

Darning Needle overheard what Susan said behind his back, and he sassed her back, "Thank goodness I'm not pin-headed like some folks, and besides, I have a good big eye, and some people who boast about their little heads haven't even got an eye."

So Susan Pin tried to think of something to keep up the quarrel, and she said to her playmates who were around her in the pin cushion, "Darning Needle walks with a stick in his side. Hee, hee, I don't think he will live long, and he can't bend his back without breaking it. He's just one big stiff."

Darning Needle then told his brother Safety Pin that Susan Pin could be as crooked as a bent pin, and that he would rather have a black cat cross his path on Friday the thirteenth than to meet Susan Pin on the street pointing at him Furthermore, he was so ungentle manly as to say that if he ever saw her lying on the sidewalk, he
would never pick her up. "She would only prick me, if I did," he said.

There was another quarrel between Clothes Pin and Safety Pin. Safety Pin kept saying mean things about Clothes Pin who was lying in a bag hanging over the back of the chair. "Clothes Pin is wooden; he just doesn't have any snap in him."

Then Clothes Pin went around among his friends and told them that Safety Pin was no good unless he was shut up tight; that nobody likes to see a Safety Pin showing anyway.

Clothes Pin then drew himself up very straight and said, "There are always great responsibilities hanging on my line."

"But you are a dumbbell," retorted Safety Pin.

"I am not so sharp as to be always jabbing people and making them cry with pain when I open up," returned Clothes Pin.

Then there was Stick Pin who wore a jewel in his head and was always accused of being stuck up in the chest and always wanting a permanent place. He retaliated by calling all the other pins, "A queer set of pins." In fact, he said, "They are all queer, except me."

Suddenly, the lazy pins on the soft cushion struck right out straight as they heard a deep voice speaking from the direction of the cupboard.

"Good gracious, what self-important, inflated balloons you pins all are! You are simply nobodies, nobodies compared with me. Why, think what I can do! I can flatten out puffed-up pastry, and make crusts for pies, and dough for donuts, and raspberry tarts. I'm the really important pin after all." This was Bully Rolling Pin speaking.

And so the quarrel went on, and it might have continued until this day, had not Mother Smith ended it all in a very quick way.

Mother Smith came rushing in. She put her hands on all the pins and set them all to work. She took Clothes Pin and put him firmly on the line holding up some clothes. Here he had to hold on with both his jaws so tight that he hadn't any chance to quarrel with anybody or to say anything.

Bobby Smith had a button come off his blouse just as he was hurry­ing to the school bus. So Mother Smith hurriedly fixed it with Safety Pin. This meant that Safety Pin had to go to school with Bobby Smith and stay shut up and perfectly quiet all day long in school.

Mother Smith was short of pins, so she made Stick Pin take the place of Common Pin. She bent Common Pin so he could hold some pieces of cloth together. Then Mother Smith took the Bully Rolling Pin and made him hustle until he had rolled out enough pastry for a dozen pie crusts, two dozen donuts, and ten apple pies, which kept him so busy he was wet with perspiration and had never a word of boasting to say.

So the quarrel of the Pin family ended, when they all got to work. Whenever you hear the Pin family quarreling, it is a sure sign that they have nothing to do, except think about themselves. For Mother Smith said as she put them all to work, "The devil finds mischief for idle hands. But those who are busy with work have no time to think up mean things to say or do."

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