The Legend of the Human Pyramid

The Legend of the Human Pyramid

This is rally day when we are all returning to Sunday church school wearing our Sunday-best clothes and feeling so happy to be in our classes again. Right down there in the Primary Department, I can see a girl who has on her best dress, and over there a girl who has a pair of brand-new shoes, and there is a boy who remembered
to bring his Bible.

I want to tell you a story about some people in a town long, long ago and far, far away who had something happen to them that was very wonderful.

One bright morning, as the people of the town were looking up, there came down from the sky, hanging by a silver thread, an immense golden ball. It rested there in the air suspended just above the people's heads. It seemed they could reach up and almost touch it, if only they were tall enough.                                                          

Right after the golden ball came down from the sky, the people saw a white-winged angel flying about blowing a golden trumpet, and saying to the people of the town, "If you will reach up and touch this golden ball, wonderful things will happen to you. This town will become rich, receiving a great blessing, and you will be happier than all the other towns in the world."

As soon as the angel went away, the news and excitement spread through the streets and houses of the town. People came running from everywhere to see the golden ball shining and turning in the sunlight above their heads.

"Let me touch the ball first," each one cried. "No, I want to touch it first," said others. So they pushed and they pushed and they jostled and they jostled as the crowd grew bigger and bigger.

Men pushed the women out of the way saying, "Get over there, this is a man's job."

The women in turn kicked the men in the shins saying, "I'll teach you big bullies to push us away."

Then a high school boy, who was on the football team, made a dash and charged into the crowd, knocking over some people, and some girls slapped his face for him. The crowd was fighting and getting angrier every minute, trying to reach up their hands toward the golden ball. But alas and alack no one was tall enough to get his hands, even when they were stretched to the utmost, close to the golden ball.

When they saw, at last, how hopeless it was for any of them to touch the golden ball, someone in the crowd said, "Let's find the tallest man in the town. Perhaps he could reach it for us and bring down the great blessing upon our town."

So they sent messengers throughout the town and, at last, way out on the outskirts of the town, far, far out, they found a farmer who was very, very tall. In fact, he was a giant, seven feet tall. He owned a farm where he raised hundreds of heads of green lettuce for the market, so they nicknamed him "Lettuce." His last name was Rally—and it "rally" was—so they called him "Lettuce Rally."

When Lettuce Rally heard the news of the golden ball, he came running as fast as he could. The crowd made way for him, and he reached his arms way, way up, then he stretched his fingers to the utmost, then he stood on tiptoe, but still his hands could not quite reach the golden ball.

The crowd groaned with disappointment. Some said, "There, I knew he could never reach that golden ball." Others said, "What's the use, it was no good having Lettuce Rally here. Its the same old thing, it just can't be done. This golden ball is beyond our reach."

Then Lettuce Rally, who stood head and shoulders above the crowd, said, "Stop this shouting and this nonsense. We can touch that golden ball, if you will do what I say, and I will show you how we can do it." Now the people were ready to obey Lettuce Rally.

He said, "Twenty strong men come here, stand shoulder to shoulder, and lock arms together. I want a solid base of men." Twenty strong men almost glued themselves together. "Now," said Lettuce Rally, "I want ten young men to climb up on their shoulders, locks arms, and stand on the shoulders of these men." Leaping up like squirrels, ten young men stood on the shoulders of the men below. "Now, I want five boys of high school age to shinny up and stand on the shoulders of the ten young men," said Lettuce Rally. The five boys from high school stood on the shoulders of the others. They were making a human pyramid.

They were getting nearer and nearer to the ball now, but still they could not quite reach it. Then Lettuce Rally said, "Now give me a little child." He picked up a little girl who was of primary age, and he handed her to the men on the ground, who handed her to the men of the next height, hand over hand until she stood on the shoulders of the topmost boy, who held her firmly by her legs. Then the little girl reached up her arms. The people were breathless. Her arms did not reach the golden ball. Then she unfolded her fingers, and her longest finger just touched the golden ball.

Suddenly there came down a shower of the most beautiful stars you can imagine. They were shining stars of purest gold. There were stars for everyone in the town and for the men of the pyramid, and the little girl. They all went home singing, rich and happy, because they had stood together to help the little child reach up toward the shining golden ball. That day a child had been lifted toward God—and far off all the people heard bells in heaven ringing for joy.

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