The Forget-Me-Not

The Forget-Me-Not

One day the heavenly Father gave to the Earth Angel a basket of seeds and said, "Go, plant these seeds beside the brooks and in the fields and woods of the earth to make the earth beautiful and to make the children of the earth happy."

So, as soon as the snow had melted and the earth was warm in the early springtime, the Earth Angel came down on soft wings and scattered the seeds beside the brooks, over the meadows and fields, and in the woods.

"I can hardly wait," the angel said, "to see the tiny seeds sprout and grow into beautiful flowers to make the children of the world happy."

When the flowers were all dressed in their beautiful colors, the heavenly Father said to the Earth Angel, "Go down to earth and give each flower a name. I am sure they are so beautiful they will all want to have a name of their own."

The Earth Angel was so happy to be sent to give names to the pretty flowers. To the big tall flower with the yellow petals and the big brown center the angel said, "Because you look always at the sun, turning all day so as to face it, your name shall be Sunflower."

Then the angel came to a little flower, all gold and shaped like a cup, that was blooming in the meadow. "Why," said the angel, "you look so much like butter that your name shall be Buttercup," and with that all the buttercups began to dance in the soft breeze that rippled across the meadow.

The angel came to another flower whose stem had sharp thorns, but whose beautiful petals were soft as velvet and colored rose like the dawn of the morning. "Because you have thorns but are so beautiful, I shall name you the Rose," said the angel.

So the angel went from flower to flower and gave them lovely names.

At last the angel came to a very tiny flower that was growing beside the brooks and in the meadows and at every corner of the earth. It had tiny blue petals, frail and dainty, each flower with eyes like the blue of the sky, and a heart the color of gold. The angel had to stoop down very low and whisper its name to the tiny, dainty flower.

The angel went back to the heavenly Father and said that now all the flowers had their names. "But what will happen," said the angel, "when the frost kills and the ice and snow fall upon the flowers? I am afraid they will all be killed," said the angel.

So the kind Father in heaven who made the flowers so beautiful said to the angel, "Before the snow and the ice and the frost come you must go down and put the flowers all to sleep in their little beds of earth. You must cover them with pretty blankets of fallen leaves, little patchwork quilts of red and gold, green and brown. Let them rest and sleep through the winter. Then you may wake them in the springtime and let one of each kind of flower come and stand before me and give its name."

In the springtime when the flowers began to awake from their long sleep and to shake their drowsy heads and to get up, putting on their beautiful dresses, the angel came down and said, "The heavenly Father wants to see you. As I present you, you must each give your name."

So the flowers came and the Rose said, "I am the Rose." And the Sunflower said, "I am the Sunflower." And the Buttercup, shiny and gold, said, "I am the Buttercup." But way down the line the little dainty flower with eyes as blue as the sky and heart the color of gold was crying.

The other flowers said, "Why are you crying?"

And the tiny blue flower said, "I have forgotten my name! I slept so long I can't even remember my name any more."

"There, there," said the other flowers, "just think hard and perhaps you can remember."

"No, no," cried the little blue flower, "I have been thinking hard all the time, and I just cannot remember what my name is."

Then the angel came and said, "Don't weep any more, little blue flower. If you can't remember your name, the heavenly Father will give you another name and it shall be the most beautiful of all names."

So when the tiny blue flower stood timid and afraid before the heavenly Father, the kindly Father said, "You have forgotten your name, but don't cry. I made you because I wanted you to be beautiful and I wanted you to give beauty to all corners of the earth. 'Forget-me-not shall be your name. This will help you to remember, for you shall be the tiny blue stars that grow on earth; and up in the sky the shiny gold stars will be 'the forget-me-nots of heaven.'"

(This may be added to the story if the pastor desires.)

Today in our service of worship we observe the Lord's Supper because Jesus our Savior and Lord said to his disciples, "Forget me not. Always do this in remembrance of me." So we may say that this Communion Service today is the request of Jesus, our Great Friend: "Forget me not." If we always remember him, not only in church but in our school and home and play, we can help to make the world beautiful like the meadows filled with the flowers that the angel planted.

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