The Trapped Fishermen

The Trapped Fishermen

In the early spring a crew of fishermen started out  in their fishing boat on Lake Erie to get ready for the season's work. It had been a long cold winter and much of the lake had been frozen over. The fishing crew knew that it was dangerous to go out on the lake when large ice floes were still floating on the water. They disregarded this danger for they were anxious to catch fish to sell in the market.

A few hours after they had left the harbor their vessel was caught between two large ice floes. Other ice floes drifted along and soon the little fishing vessel was locked in a floating island of ice and although the engines pulled hard, it was unable to free itself. A strong wind arose and in a short time blew the trapped fishermen out of sight of land. The huge floating island of ice with the vessel caught in its midst drifted further and further from shore. The wind was against them. It blew them into more dangerous waters. They were helpless before this power that pulled them into deeper and rougher water. The crew although brave were anxious for their lives. Their families and friends at home were filled with fear. After a few days when this great lake was safer and the wind had died down, rescue ships were sent out, and the fishing crew, hungry, tired and cold were brought safely to shore. A strong contrary wind blew them out to sea and danger.

One night such a contrary wind pulled the disciples of Jesus out on the Sea of Galilee. We read in the Bible that the wind was against them. Then in the early morning while it was still dark Jesus came to them on the sea, and suddenly the wind died down and the sea became calm.

For the fishing crew on Lake Erie and the disciples on the Sea of Galilee, the wind was contrary; it was blowing them in the wrong direction. They had to struggle against the wind.

All boys and girls, all men and women, find that much of life is like that. We all encounter contrary winds. Did you ever have to walk to school or to Church with a strong wind blowing right into your face? The walking was hard, you almost had to push yourself ahead. How much easier it would have been to walk if the wind had been behind you. It would almost push you along.

In life we are not pushed along, we have to pull ahead. We cannot always float down the stream, there are times when we must swim upstream. All this means that much of life is not easy, it is a struggle. Very often the wind is blowing against us; blowing the opposite way in which we want to go. The fishermen on Lake Erie found that the wind was driving them in the opposite way to which they wanted to go.

Sometimes we get very sick. This sickness like the contrary wind which drove the fishermen into danger drives us into danger. People get sick enough to die. Sometimes our school work is very hard. Face it! You faced the strong wind and walked right into it. Face the hard things that come to you and do the hard things that must be done. Sometimes everything goes against us, just as the wind was against the fishermen. When the wind was against the disciples, Jesus said to them, "Do not be afraid." Then Jesus got into the ship with them. When the wind is against us or in other words, when things go hard and life is a struggle, there are two things we must remember. First, we must not be afraid, we must have courage. Second, we must remember that Jesus is with us as he was with the disciples in the boat. When the wind is contrary we do not have to struggle against it alone. God is willing to help us if we ask Him.

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