The Three Sons

The Three Sons

A father had three sons. He had set his sons a good example. Each Sunday he went to Sunday School and Church with them. He sent them to a good school so that they would get the best education.

Then the father had to go away for a year on a long trip. Before he went he gave a violin to the first son for he was inclined to be musical. To the second son he gave a typewriter because he had some skill in writing stories. He bought a good set of tools for the third son for he had ability to make things with his hands.

Then the father packed his clothes and other necessary things for the long journey. The three sons and the mother saw the father off on the ship in which he was to sail for the distant country. After some time they received a letter telling of his safe arrival on the other side of the ocean. In the following days the father sent many letters in which he wrote about his travels and the many sights of interest he saw. In all the letters that the father wrote he referred to the violin, the typewriter and the tools which he had given to his sons. He hoped that they would put them to good use.

At the end of the long year the father returned. He was warmly greeted by his waiting family. That same day a letter arrived informing the first son who had received the violin that he had been chosen to play in the orchestra. The father was very happy to hear this good news. As the father walked into the living room he saw a magazine lying on the table, one which he had never seen before. He picked it up and to his amazement he found in it a story written by his second son who had received the typewriter. The father was overjoyed at all this good news. That night before going to bed he went to the basement to regulate the furnace. He was very unhappy to find the good tools which he had given to his third son scattered over the entire basement floor, some of them broken. He could not believe his own eyes. Quickly he walked over to the tool bench in hopes of finding something his third son had made but there was nothing The father was greatly disappointed.

All three sons had the ability to do something very well. The first and second sons made good use of the gifts the father had given them. The third son had just as much ability as the other two and had received just as valuable a gift from his father. But he did not use his ability and did nothing with the gift he had received.

God has given everyone of us gifts and abilities. He is waiting to see how well we use them. With these gifts and abilities we have received from God we can make ourselves better girls and boys, better women and men. Perhaps you like to speak in school or Sunday School, develop that gift. This will help you to become a lawyer, statesman or a preacher. God has given you gifts and abilities to make something of yourself. Do not sit around and wait.

The father gave his three sons gifts which they were to use to improve themselves. The first two did something with their gifts, but the third one did nothing at all with his. The father was disappointed in the third son. God is disappointed in all those who do not use the gifts and abilities He has given them to improve themselves and help others.

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