The House in Which We Live

The House in Which We Live

Do you know that each one of us is building a house? Where do you live? You say, "I live on such and such a street, and the number of the house is so and so." Yes, I know, that is the house where you sleep, eat, read, work, play, live with your family and meet your friends. But where do you live all the time, twenty-four hours of the day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty-five days a year? There is one place where you live all the time and you never get out of it as long as you are upon this earth. That place is your body.

Where do you live? You live in your body. I am looking at you now, but I cannot see very much of you because you are inside your body. I can see a little of you that is shining through your eyes. You are inside your body, and you are looking at me and at everything around you through two little windows which are your eyes. Your body is the place where you live all the time. That is your real house and you are building it. You should put the best materials into this house for remember that you are the one who has to live in it.

Once there was a rich man who had many servants. One of them was a carpenter who did all the building on the large place. The rich man gave him the plans to build a new house telling him how much it was to cost. While the house was being built the rich man was to be away on a long journey. Of this the carpenter was glad, because he did not want anyone to watch his work.

He began to build but he did not put in the materials for which the plan called. He did not put enough cement into the foundation. The beams on which the house rested were not heavy enough. He put in cheap pipes wherever they could not be seen under the floors and between the walls. The boards did not have enough nails to hold them down properly. The windows were not properly fitted, and the doors hung on cheap hinges. The roof had the poorest grade of shingles. Then he covered up all the poor materials with paint to give it a good appearance.

Shortly after the house was finished, the rich man returned. He was surprised that it was finished. The carpenter told of how hard he had worked during his absence. He showed him through the house from cellar to attic, boasted about the good workmanship in it and declared that a better house had never been built.

"You built this house with your own hands," said the rich man. "You ought to know what kind of materials you put into it. I am very happy that the house pleases you. This house is my gift to you; I want you and your family to live in it."

The carpenter was so surprised that he did not know what to say. But he was even more disappointed than he was surprised. He thought of the poor foundation that after a short time would begin to crumble, of the walls that would crack, the windows that would soon rattle and of the doors that would not fit. He thought of the cheap pipes that would leak before long, and of the poor shingles that could not keep out the rain in a heavy storm. Had this man known that he was to live in that house he would have put into it the very best materials and have built it solid and strong.

This man, of course, did not know that he was to live in that house. But you and I do know that we have to live in our bodies. Your body is the house in which you have to live. You can build that house either very strong or very weak. Remember you are building this house which is your body. What kind of materials are you putting into it?

Do you eat the right kind 01 food or all kinds of things that upset your stomach? The right kind of materials for your body are plenty of sleep, fresh air, exercise and cleanliness. Since you have to live in this house which is your body, you should try to keep it healthy. Your mind can think better and your soul is more beautiful in the right kind of body.

It is also very important to remember that God wants to live with you in your body. We can have God in our hearts. The Bible tells us that God's Spirit lives in our bodies. We please God when we take good care of our bodies.

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