The Clogged Viaduct

The Clogged Viaduct

In a quiet valley surrounded by high mountains lies a peaceful village. The people are plain, simple folk, making their living from the fertile soil in the valley. They have no luxuries such as radios, telephones and automobiles. Their homes are built of logs grown on the mountain sides, and stones hewn from cliffs.

They live far inland from the sea, and a long distance from the nearest city. There is a high mountain range and many miles of wilderness separating them from their nearest neighbors. Most of the people have never been outside of the village except the hunters who sometimes go deep into the forest to hunt for deer, bear and pheasants. The children grow up in this valley and know no other world.

They are happy, have enough to eat and wear, and seldom do they complain. There is, however, one very important thing necessary for life of which they did not have enough. In fact, we cannot live long without it. In the hot summer the stream that flows through the valley became dry. It was always a problem then how to get water for the people, the cattle and the sheep. In the evenings when they were tired from work in the fields, men, women and children would carry water in wooden buckets from distant springs.

Two miles away and high in the mountains was a beautiful lake of cold, blue water, enough for a large city. One year after a long, dry summer of carrying water, they began work to lead the water from the mountain lake into the valley. They had no pipes like we have. They never bought anything; they had no money, and anything they wanted had to be made with their own hands.

So they dug a trench through clay and stone for two miles and tapped the cold refreshing water of the mountain lake. This trench through which the water was to flow is called a viaduct. They covered the viaduct with large flat stones, and over all this was put three feet of ground to keep the water from freezing in the winter. After several years of hard work it was completed, and water from the lake was gushing into the valley. In the driest summer there was an abundance of water for all.

But one summer when it was very dry and the stream through the valley had no water in it, suddenly the water from the mountain lake stopped running. Could the lake be low on water or almost dry? That seemed impossible. A few men went up to see. The lake was as full as ever but why didn't the water flow through to the valley below? The people must have water, and the cattle and sheep were thirsty.

Something had clogged the viaduct, but where? The most likely place for something to be caught was at a bend in the viaduct. There they uncovered the viaduct and found a log and many twigs caught behind it so that it was completely choked. This was removed and the water flowed once more into the valley.

A writer in the Bible said that as a deer thirsts for water so his soul thirsts for God. God has something to give us without which we cannot live and it is just as necessary for our souls as water is for our bodies. We would not be living at all if God did not give us life. Everything that we have comes from God. All blessings come from Him; He is the giver of everything good.

These blessings flow down from God to us, like the water from the mountain lake into the valley. A tree clogged the viaduct and kept the water from flowing through. Sometimes something prevents God's blessing from coming down to us. The thing that does the clogging may be bad companions who mislead us, perhaps it is our habit of telling lies, it might be that we are disobedient at home and in school; perhaps we do not want to go to church to worship God. Sometimes some sin like this prevents the blessings of God from coming to us. Then it must be removed like the log was from the viaduct. Anything that is wrong and evil in our lives stops the flow of God's blessing to us. We must not allow anything to come between God and us.

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